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He Say She Say - Showbiz & A.G. - Runaway Slave (Vinyl, LP, Album)

An intergalactic journey into black space, fueled by funk, powered by computers, Space Funk is a lovingly compiled collection of superb, rare and off-the-wall space funk and electro releases mostly issued on small independent labels in the late s and s.

The tenth edition of Jazzman Records Spiritual Jazz series takes a closer look at the music Prestige was recording at the start of the s. This was the period when the modal jazz sound pioneered by Miles and Coltrane was starting to percolate through the jazz underground.

In its heyday, Prestige was the only jazz label that could hold a candle to Blue Note. Long out-of-print, it came out in , as the third release on Minneapolis label History Of The Future.

His absurdist sense of humor, the razor sharp edits and his use of odd time-signatures. There is a rawness here, not often captured on later records, where you can imagine Aaron playing live in front of a room full of young breakcore fanatics.

Thomas Zehetmair, one of the great violinists of our time, revisits the solo works of Bach, the summit of the violin repertory. Using period instruments, Zehetmair plays the music with vividness and intelligence to produce a recording that is deeply steeped in the music and at the same time original. The British post-punk veterans release their brand new album of darkly melodic goth rock. Limited orange colored vinyl. Long-dawning long-player by Pacific Northwest producer Hunter P.

Combining innovative production with an interest in music from around the globe — fourth world, Japanese avant-garde, minimalism, kosmische, dub, cosmic jazz and more — Zebra found Arp AKA Alexis Georgopoulos firing on all cylinders, drawing comparisons to Don Cherry, Midori Takada, Jon Hassell and Alice Coltrane and ultimately, made the best case yet for the polymath he is. He became known in his librettos as a wonderful, funny, moving writer.

But with Automatic Writing he examines language at a very primitive level — the human impulse make sounds to express his inner state, whether it be regret, embarrassment, fear, or happiness — even though there is no one else to listens. Few musicians have embodied the romantic, and ultimately tragic, jazz figure as totally as Chesney Chet Baker Unschooled yet eloquent in his music, the Baker mystique has only reinforced one of the most haunting trumpet styles and ingenuous approaches to jazz singing.

Released last July on CD — now available on vinyl. Recently released on CD — now available on vinyl. Vinyl reissue of a Sarah Records classic. The first vinyl issue since , Unisex has gained an immense cult following in all corners of the world and stands as an almost forgotten pinnacle of pop songwriting.

Few albums from any generation can stand the test of time, let alone become the archetype of a genre and measure by which all others are judged. Led by charismatic, iconic singer Rozz Williams and guitarist Valor Kand, Christian Death broke rank from their LA punk rock surroundings here, and eschewed raw anger for an elegant, romantic and hypnotic form of art not heard before. Boasting 40 live tracks, Crossroads Revisited: Selections From The Guitar Festivals includes a selection of landmark performances from all four Crossroads Guitar Festivals, which were held in , , and New release from the country superstar.

The second and third parts of a three-part release, which contains all of the free improve music on the original Epiphany release as well as additional material from the same festival.

Their original band name was Shellshock which they changed to Dark Angel in Limited six vinyl LP box set. Originally released in , this critically-acclaimed collection returns in vinyl format. Includes a page booklet with notes by Jazz historian Bob Blumenthal. The final LP contains audio recordings from eight TV and radio performances by the quintet. With the demise of the group Wire in , founding members Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis joined forces to create Dome.

These albums represent some of the most beautifully stark and above all timeless exercises in studio experimentation from early s alternative music scene. Dreamville and J. The album features appearances from several artists including DaBaby, T.

Sizzerhand loves beats and bees, and this is reflected in his first instrumental project, in which Edward Sizzerhand composed various honeys to beats. Standard black vinyl pressing. Terry Fox was a first-generation Bay Area conceptual artist. Beginning in the s, he worked extensively with sound, especially the use of piano wires detached from their native instrument and anchored between opposing walls of the performance space. Side one links five ways of playing the piano wires: drumming, pulling, bowing, beating and scraping.

The room itself acts as a type of natural resonator as Fox moves the wires with padded mallet, his bare fingers, violin bow, wooden shish kebab stick and rusted metal rod. Paul McCartney proudly announces the 11th and 12th classic works from his revered catalogue to be remastered, reissued and expanded across multi-format installments of his GRAMMY-winning Archive…. In their impressive, steadily rising career, soulful, blues-tinted rockers Cold War Kids have proven to be one of the most prolific commercially successful bands around.

Never ones to rest, from the…. Although …. The story goes like this. In April it was also…. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their seminal album Feeling Strangely Fine, Semisonic will release a deluxe edition reissue of the record on October 19th via UMe.

The album will be released on…. Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott has released a touching video tribute to his friend and early guitar hero, the late, great legendary musician Mick Ronson. In addition, Urban Legends will also release a very limited amount of red translucent vinyl….

Diggin' in the Crates projects such as Diamond D. A product of the mean streets of Harlem, L made his bones in the rap game with his rapid fire freestyIe delivery and clever punchline-peppered rhymes.

The album showcases L as a master of the lyrical stickup undressing his competition with kinetic metaphors and a brash comedic repertoire.

With better production and marketing, Big L might have found himself with a platinum album but instead he settled for platinum respect.

This album captures the dynamic potential of a street legend, a legend who would later be gunned down in his prime. Outkast Aquemini Even compared to their already excellent and forward-looking catalog, OutKast's sprawling third album, Aquemini, was a stroke of brilliance.

The chilled-out space-funk of ATLiens had already thrown some fans for a loop, and Aquemini made it clear that its predecessor was no detour, but a stepping stone for even greater ambitions.

Some of ATLiens' ethereal futurism is still present, but more often Aquemini plants its feet on the ground for a surprisingly down-home flavor. The music draws from a vastly eclectic palette of sources, and the live instrumentation is fuller-sounding than ATLiens. Most importantly, producers Organized Noize imbue their tracks with a Southern earthiness and simultaneous spirituality that come across regardless of what Dre and Big Boi are rapping about.

Their distinctive vocal deliveries are now fully mature, with a recognizably Southern rhythmic bounce but loads more technique than their territorial peers. Those flows grace some of the richest and most inventive hip-hop tracks of the decade. The airy lead single "Rosa Parks" juxtaposes front-porch acoustic guitar with DJ scratches and a stomping harmonica break that could have come from nowhere but the South.

Unexpected touches like that are all over the record: the live orchestra on "Return of the 'G'"; the electronic, George Clinton-guested "Synthesizer"; the reggae horns and dub-styIe echo of "SpottieOttieDopaliscious"; the hard-rocking wah-wah guitar of "Chonkyfire"; and on and on. What's most impressive is the way everything comes together to justify the full-CD running time, something few hip-hop epics of this scope ever accomplish.

After a few listens, not even the meditative jams on the second half of the album feel all that excessive. Aquemini fulfills all its ambitions, covering more than enough territory to qualify it as a virtuosic masterpiece, and a landmark hip-hop album of the late '90s.

In it was easy to confuse comrades and collaborators Nas and AZ, so similar in styIe were their street-schooled lyrical concerns and their austere, lazy-eyed rhyming styIes. The two albums are very much the twin sides of the same double-headed coin.

They are so closely connected, in fact, that it's difficult to pinpoint where Doe or Die's points of departure are located. Many of its character sketches the Buckwild-produced "Ho Happy Jack" , urban-caked admonitions "Mo Money Mo Murder," on which Nas, in fact, turns up to return the favor, the equally hard-hitting title track , and gritty expressions of love "I Feel for You," a pumped-up "One Love" are every bit as meditative and literate, peppered with authentic, incisive documentary detail.

Ultimately, AZ's album is not quite as compact and consistent, and, unlike its mirror-image, its focus lapses right toward the end. But while Doe or Die is not quite on an artistic par with, not quite the free-flowing masterpiece as, the landmark Illmatic, it is not at all far behind in terms of quality, either. Certainly it was one of the strongest, most promising debut efforts of , and probably one of the year's strongest rap albums period.

And as with Nas, he would have a difficult time following up on this early juggernaut. The Roots Illadelph Halflife. Philly never gets its props, but the City of Brotherly Love has pioneered its fair share of hip-hop innovations. Schooly D was the first gangsta rapper; DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince perfected rap comedy, and the Roots became the first rap act to put together an impressive live show without samples and sequencers. On their third album, "Illadelph Halflife," the Roots capture in the studio the same chemistry between rhymes and live instruments that they've generated on stage.

The album does include samples, but they're samples of the band's own exploratory jam sessions in Philadelphia's legendary Sigma Sound Studios. CIassic Album Nomination Threads: Fat Joe- Jealous One's Envy Binary Star- Masters of the Universe OutKast- Aquemini AZ- Doe or Die The Roots- Illadelph Halflife Hieroglyphics- Third Eye Vision. Undeterred, Tha Liks released Coast II Coast in , a solid, consistent, and hilarious follow-up that sticks to the group's winning formula while offering enough variation, stylistically and sonically, to keep things interesting.

Coast II Coast failed to net Tha Liks gold or platinum sales, but it otherwise succeeds smashingly, effortlessly satisfying Liks diehards while still leaving them thirsty for more. For their third album, Cunninlynguists have issued a concept album that's far more ambitious than early efforts such as 's Will Rap for Food and 's Southernunderground. A Piece of Strange is about a black man who is back on the streets after being incarcerated.

The girl he meets, her father is racist. The father ends up passing away," explains producer Kno, who along with rapper Deacon make up Cunninlynguists. I'll let you listen to it so you can see what that choice is.

His drums are in a word, ridiculous. His samples are in another word, creative. From the horns of "Beautiful Girl" to the piano of "Nothing to Give," he creates a sound that is beyond the ability of most producers. The music on this album is amazingly deep, each song layered and fleshed healthily. Whereas most producers create a "busy" effect when trying to layer beats properly, Kno pulls it off easily.

The instrumental interludes and the track "Remember Me Abstract Reality " are just more evidence of Kno's ability. With such an extraordinary musical landscape, it would be easy for typical rappers to be outshined and outcIassed. Deacon and Natti, both far from typical, deliver lyrics befitting the music it is paired with.

Kno also makes a rapping appearance, but fewer than on past albums. While all the guests spit stellar verses, they don't outshine Deacon or Natti. This is a good thing, as today more emcees rely on guest appearances to save their albums from mediocrity. Dope production? What more do you want? As you approach "The Light," you will want to press rewind and relive the entire journey again.

This is crunk music for the thinking audience. A Piece of Strange, indeed. Given his subsequent superstardom, culminating in no less than an Academy Award, it may be easy to overlook exactly how demonized Eminem was once his mainstream debut album, The Slim Shady LP, grabbed the attention of pop music upon its release in Then, it wasn't clear to every listener that Eminem was, as they say, an unreliable narrator, somebody who slung satire, lies, uncomfortable truths, and lacerating insights with vigor and venom, blurring the line between reality and parody, all seemingly without effort.

The Slim Shady LP bristles with this tension, since it's never always clear when Marshall Mathers is joking and when he's dead serious. This was unsettling in , when nobody knew his back-story, and years later, when his personal turmoil is public knowledge, it still can be unsettling, because his words and delivery are that powerful.

Of course, nowhere is this more true than on "97 Bonnie and Clyde," a notorious track where he imagines killing his wife and then disposing of the body with his baby daughter in tow.

There have been more violent songs in rap, but few more disturbing, and it's not because of what it describes, it's how he describes it — how the perfectly modulated phrasing enhances the horror and black humor of his words. Eminem's supreme gifts are an expansive vocabulary and vivid imagination, which he unleashes with wicked humor and unsparing anger in equal measure. The production — masterminded by Dr. Dre but also helmed in large doses by Marky and Jeff Bass, along with Marshall himself — mirrors his rhymes, with their spare, intricately layered arrangements enhancing his narratives, which are always at the forefront.

As well they should be — there are few rappers as wildly gifted verbally as Eminem. Years later, as the shock has faded, it's those lyrical skills and the subtle mastery of the music that still resonate, and they're what make The Slim Shady LP one of the great debuts in both hip-hop and modern pop music. Boogie Down Productions Criminal Minded. Criminal Minded is widely considered the foundation of hardcore rap, announcing its intentions with a cover photo of KRS-One and Scott La Rock on his only album with Boogie Down Productions posing with weapons -- an unheard-of gesture in BDP weren't the first to rap about inner-city violence and drugs, and there's no explicit mention of gangs on Criminal Minded, but it greatly expanded the range of subject matter that could be put on a rap record, and its grittiest moments are still unsettling today.

Actually, that part of its reputation rests on just a handful of songs. Overall, the record made its impact through sheer force -- not only KRS-One's unvarnished depictions of his harsh urban environment, but also his booming delivery and La Rock's lean, hard backing tracks which sound a little skeletal today, but were excellent for the time.

It's important to note that KRS-One hadn't yet adopted his role as the Teacher, and while there are a few hints of an emerging social consciousness, Criminal Minded doesn't try to deliver messages, make judgments, or offer solutions. They set the tone for the album, which reaches its apex on the influential, oft-sampled "9mm Goes Bang.

Another seminal hardcore moment is "Remix for P Is Free," which details an encounter with a crack whore for perhaps the first time on record. Elsewhere, there are a few showcases for KRS-One's pure rhyming skill, most notably "Poetry" and the title track.

Overall it's very consistent, so even if the meat of Criminal Minded is the material that lives up to the title, the raw talent on display is what cements the album's status as an all-time cIassic. DJ Premier's first album-length production outside of Gang Starr was his best by far.

Where Premier's productions hadn't shone underneath the cracking, over-earnest vocals of Guru, with a superior stylist like Jeru these tracks became brilliant musical investigations with odd hooks often detuned bells, keys, or vibes , perfectly scratched upchoruses, and the grittiest, funkiest Brooklynese beats pounding away in the background. Of course, the star of the show was Jeru, a cocksure young rapper who brought the dozens from the streets to a metaphysical battleground where he did battle with all manner of foe -- the guy around the corner on "D.

Original" or an allegorical parade of hip-hop evils on "You Can't Stop the Prophet. Camp Lo Uptown Saturday Night While they aren't the first to do so, Camp Lo's Sonny Cheeba and Geechie Suede make a direct appeal from hip-hop's current generation back to the blaxploitation era on Uptown Saturday Night, which recrafts the up-tempo, party atmosphere of the swinging s, resplendent in the musical and cultural iconography of Harlem- and Bronx-styIe blaxploitation.

As critics have noted, Cheeba and Suede's lyrics are often nonrhyming barrages of key blaxploitation terminology that--read conventionally--actually make no sense, but their spitfire pacing makes up in styIe what their verses lack in content which is actually a pretty good description of blaxploitation, if you think about it.

Much credit needs to go to producer Ski who was also the musical mastermind behind Jay Z's impressive debut, Reasonable Doubt , who shows a smart sampling ear with bubbly pop tracks that are infectious enough to rock the party while still appealing to hardcore hip-hop heads. Common- Be CunninLynguists- A Piece of Strange Criminal Minded Puff Daddy- No Way Out Beanie Sigel- The B. Coming Camp Lo- Uptown Saturday Night Immortal Technique- Revolutionary, Vol.

Recorded following his near-fatal shooting in New York, and released while he was in prison, Me Against the World is the point where 2Pac really became a legendary figure.

Having stared death in the face and survived, he was a changed man on record, displaying a new confessional bent and a consistent emotional depth. By and large, this isn't the sort of material that made him a gangsta icon; this is 2Pac the soul-baring artist, the foundation of the immense respect he commanded in the hip-hop community.

It's his most thematically consistent, least-self-contradicting work, full of genuine reflection about how he's gotten where he is -- and dread of the consequences. He battles occasional self-loathing, is haunted by the friends he's already lost to violence, and can't escape the desperate paranoia that his own death isn't far in the future.

These tracks -- most notably "So Many Tears," "Lord Knows," and "Death Around the Corner" -- are all the more powerful in hindsight with the chilling knowledge that he was right. Even romance takes on a new meaning as an escape from the hellish pressure of everyday life "Temptations," "Can U Get Away" , and when that's not available, getting high or drunk is almost a necessity.

It's the best place to go to understand why 2Pac is so revered; it may not be his definitive album, but it just might be his best. L Smooth's complex lyrical delivery. The result is an album that is far more focused, with all the ragged edges and loose threads tied up. It is also just as good as the first record, perhaps an even more satisfying single listen.

The Main Ingredient is full of rich, resonant, hypnotic songs -- the production being among some of the most seductive in hip-hop -- that subtly, but absolutely, swing with their lock-step precision. In characteristic Pete Rock fashion, all of the sharp edges have been sanded down, leaving a vibrant and completely lush musical backdrop which seems to have a dreamy nostalgia about it.

Old '60s and '70s soul, soul-jazz, and funk samples abound, and the music is dotted with gauzy keyboard washes, hugely echoed bass-drum kicks, milky basslines, and muted horn loops, almost sounding like they are emanating out of water. All of the songs feel immediate, yet they are infused with the sort of roomy ambience that lends to each the impression of a cIassic tune, evocative of an earlier era, but not one that can be described exactly, and not one to which you can definitively point.

As usual, C. Smooth is lyrically on point, spitting out intellectual rhymes and narratives that are just as propulsive and engaging as the music. The only negative aspect about the album, then, is that it ended one of the finest hip-hop duos of the first half of the s. Oh, we can agree on generalities. We both like The Beatles.

We both like to read. We both like girls. But it's the specifics that get in the way, he with his Abbey Road, stacks of books and cIassy dames and me with my Rubber Soul, three paragraph short stories and women of questionable character. Because of this historical precedent, it absolutely confounds me that we are able to reach a consensus on K. He and I not only think that it's a great album, we each consider it one of our favorite albums of any genre.

The shock probably won't resonate unless you've been on the receiving end of an hours-long Mac-beats-PC lecture. Who is Zev? You may not recognize his voice here, but it is the "maniacal villain" Daniel Dumile before the years of alcohol and drug abuse that would ravage his voice. It's Zev, in particular, Josh and I are able to find common ground on.

Unlike the straight-forward deliveries of many of his then contemporaries, Zev Love X speaks more cryptically. Buried under deep bass tones, half the fun of Black Bastards is deciphering lines from the seemingly endless supply of now-famous Dumile wit.

Counting the number of times O. Ides are name checked would require more than fingers and toes. Songs drift by in a buzzed stupor, like the warbling hook of title track and the free jazz drum segues in "Suspended Animation" and into Subroc's foray into emceeing on "It Sounded Like A Rock! There's enough dust on these cuts to dirty a dining table.

The roughness of the production only adds to the mystique on the Black Bastards saga. The album was shelved indefinitely and its mishandling, coupled with the untimely demise of his brother, sends Zev Love X into the underground, only to emerge years later as a masked supervillain.

This is a story you tell grandkids. If current rumors are any indication, Black Bastards may not, in fact, be the last we see of K. D, with Dumile rejoining early K.

But for all intents and purposes, this feels like a swan song. Remix " sounds like a begrudging epilogue to a career sacrificed at the altar of practical business decisions. If released by Elektra without pause, there is little doubt in my mind and Josh's that Black Bastards holds its own against undisputed cIassics of its time.

Obscurity is the only thing now keeping it from joining the upper echelon of hip-hop. With across-the-board stellar production help from Sir Jinx and Trakmasterz, G Rap who also produces thrives on his no-holds-barred narratives that peaked with Wanted: Dead or Alive's "Streets of New York," but most everything on this album comes close to eclipsing that song.

Few tales of growing up in a life of crime hit harder than the title track, in which G Rap displays the traits -- unforced frankness, that unmistakable voice, and a flow that drags you involuntarily along -- that made him a legend.

The album is one story after another that draws you in without fail, and they come at you from several angles. Whether pulling off a train heist, venting sexual frustration, analyzing his psychosis, or lording over the streets, G Rap is a pro at holding a captive audience. All die-hard East Coast rap fans, especially followers of the Notorious B.

If you were to take this duo's best five songs away from them, they'd still be one of the top duos rap music has ever seen. Denizens of the dank dungeons of hip-hop, Heltah Skeltah are the latest lyrical sharpshooters to emerge from the notorious Boot Camp Clik, of Brooklyn, N. Former members of the Decepticons, a Brooklyn street gang, Ruck and Rock a k a Sparsky and Dutch are on a mission to shed light as they distill years of anger and irrational behavior into rhyme.

In mood and content, Nocturnal definitely plays for the late-night prowl. Big Punisher Capital Punishment During Big Pun's unfortunately short lifetime, he released only one album, 's "Capital Punishment," and with this one release he amassed the reputation of one of New York's greatest MCs ever. Listening to this album, it's not hard to see why.

Pun shows simply amazing technique, lyricism, and versatility on the album that made him the first Latino rapper to go platinum. Pun flawlessly tells stories of crime and dangers in the streets of the Bronx, but he also makes some deeper tracks about life and philosophy.

He is simply an awesome lyricist. Also, the group of guest rappers is among the best ever assembled for an album. The production is outstanding throughout the album, coming from such accomplished beatmakers as the RZA, L. Overall this album is a complete cIassic that deserves to be a part of any hip hop collection.

After the intro, the album begins with "Beware," starting the album with a hard lyrical track with great production. Over an awesome, Latin-inspired beat, Pun drops hilarious, well delivered verses in between great singing from Joe, who also sings the cIassic outro.

Miss Jones collaborates on "Punish Me," one of my favorite songs on the album. With a subdued, thoughtful beat, Big Pun talks about a relationship gone sour. The hard piano laced beat fits great with Pun's threatening lyrics and great punchlines. The title track follows in the trend of hard, well-produced tough songs. On "I'm Not a Player," Pun speaks again of his character and interactions with women, the song utilizes a great soul sample. Dre and Snoop Dogg's cIassic song from , where Pun and Fat Joe collaborate for one of the best songs from either one of their catalogs.

With Noreaga, Pun discusses his rise to the top of hip hop, and the saxophone loop is perfect, Terror Squad always shines on this type of song. Capital Punishment is so amazing because it is a perfect combination of a truly special MC, great guest appearances, awesome production, and perfect execution.

This album is so complete and well rounded, easily one of the best albums from the late 90s. I recommend this album to all kinds of hip hop fans, it has something everyone can enjoy, because it's such a cIassic. Yet their original incarnation as a duo expanded into a triumvirate with the inclusion of Mos Def and transformed their eventual manifestation into Black Star, thwarting their initial bid for acclaim.

While Kweli's stardom may have been initially eclipsed by his more charismatic cohort, Mos Def, Reflection Eternal houses enough merit to establish Talib as one of this generation's most poetic MCs. Kweli is a rare MC, as his lyricism resounds with a knowledge that transcends his still tender age. While the unassuming, largely minimalist grooves that Hi-Tek supplied on Black Star's debut longed for a dramatic flair, he displays a remarkable maturation on Reflection Eternal.

In fact, Tek's loping keyboard wails, soulful staccato claps, and shimmering piano loops are often sublime in their arrangement and outcome. Though Kweli and Hi-Tek's debut harbors over-ambitious tendencies, clocking in at over 70 minutes in length, they are a duo that will undoubtedly stain their memory into hip-hop's collective memory with this noteworthy debut.

Welcome to the new generation of Native Tongue speaking. That alone would make this some sort of landmark recording, but it also happens to be one of the finest rap albums from the mid- to late-'80s "new school" in hip-hop that numbered among its contributors Run-D.

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Pop Off feat. LP are OK, and some of the songs refer to the explosive state of things today. M4A kbps. Sunoco feat. The Pilgrimage. Thug Bachata. Falling Down Hollywood Drive-By Remix feat. Gimme What U Got. Take The Money And Run - Steve Miller Band - The Very Best Of The Steve Miller Band (Cassette), Fruit Of Love (Guitar Vocal), Dave Ellesmere - Modular Expansion Podcast #017 (File, MP3), In Twilights Embrace - Promo 2009 (File), Just Friends - Various - Jazz Giants - From Big Band To Bossa Nova (CD) Sitemap


Ray Parker Jr. - Chartbusters (Vinyl, LP)

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Turn It Up - Black Bone Child - Alligator (CD, Album)

Last but not least It was also a year that will be etched into my memories forever after September 11th, our worries here at Z where very high as John Blaze of Arabia had described the disaster over the telephone from his Manhattan office shortly before the 2nd attack.

Thankfully John and the other members of our NY based acts where all safe and sound. Also coming we have brand new albums from Burning Rain, Silent Rage, Westworld, Vaughn and 21 Guns all due within the first 5 months of need I say more. We also have the new album from Arabia which is guaranteed to be awesome, the band did very well with their debut. Me personally, well the new Dokken is eagerly awaited o. I personally would like to see and hear some changes in the melodic rock scene, and the fan to be open minded about the new breeds of rock.

As you know with no disrespect to anybody there has been too many Journey, Whitesnake , and Survivor , plus Clones. The scene is becoming tiresome. Take care, Khalil. Best Wishes, Lasse. Beau Hill contacted me and we have made a deal to release an album of unreleased Airborne material recorded just after the first album was released. The album will have at least 16 tracks about an hour of killer unreleased Airborne.

Beau personally mastered the tracks for Rewind. Kip Winger and his two brothers sing back-up on several tracks, Beau just needs to figure out which ones.

Its a mix of vintage Styx-Foreigner circa The vocals are killer and big, lots of keys and guitars, its really the find of the year. Silver Condor is about complete and I am really looking forward to the release Brad Love's solo album. I am hoping more unreleased gems come our way next year. Record Heaven Music: This has been a very interesting year and a lot of positive things have happened that makes us look at with a lot of hopes for another great episode in the history of Record Heaven.

You all have been a great help and we hope for a continued relationship for the future in this tough business, that now see the MP3's giving the sales a hard time!! A merry christmas to you all and a happy new year. Cheers, Johannes Lindstrom.

On a personal note it was the single most amazing year in my life - I got married, Cathy got pregnant and then went through a really tough few months, little Nicholas was born and then it was over!

Thanks to everyone that e-mailed or posted well-wishes. It was fantastic fun to read and shows what a great community of people we have here.

So what could come up with to top that? Professionally speaking, it was the first year of working on this site full time - which presented new challenges and a few problems, but also a lot of big positives. The site re-design was finally completed, but needed an immediate overhaul as some parts just didn't work in practice.

Some more tweaking in is expected. I also dropped a few changes along the way, as I want to concentrate on the core elements of the site. That will be the aim in too - more news, reviews, soundbytes and interviews. That core of the site is the most important and that's where my energy will be going.

That and the MR-X Members area! Thanks to all those that have shown their belief in the site by joining that area - I hope to continue bringing you all cool exclusives throughout Traffic continued to rise to the site over the course of the year - currently the site is getting nearly , frontpage hits a month. Melodic rock ain't dead yet! The site Noticeboard continues to be an interesting area of the site. I get countless e-mails and messages from melodic rock fans saying that they appreciate the ability to be able to post and talk with like minded individuals and many have also picked up new music thanks to others posting their thoughts on recent purchases.

For that reason alone it remains a vital part of the site. But the fact that it's an open forum means there are a few problems.

The board gets abused regularly by those looking to push their own agenda and that is one thing I am going to do my best to eliminate once and for all during I hate deleting posts, as it sometimes leads to people crying fowl, but the reality is that the majority want to enjoy the board for what it is and would like it to be a bullshit free zone. That's the plan! I didn't want to roll out the usual we have to work together clique's, but I hope to do my part to bridge gaps and solve problems during this year and into the next.

One other story is worth mentioning for a laugh. I was asked by a band's management to present a unofficially "leaked" full-length MP3 by them on the frontpage, which I did. I unfortunately let slip somewhere where that directive came from, which was promptly posted over at the band's official website message board.

It then hit the fan and the song was later removed quietly. The band's forum was also later closed down and I haven't heard from the band or their management company since. Live and learn I guess So that's enough site and scene crap What happened in ? The bad news is that there really weren't too many scandals to make fun of.

Hopefully ego's will be bigger in to ensure a few more laughs. I had more trouble compiling the Best Of lists this year than any year previous and that suggests that there is more great music out there.

Naturally there is some shit, or below average releases - but that's ok. The higher the quality of the rest of the CD releases in the market place, the less the shitty titles will sell and become unviable for release.

Kurt Torster will love this - but I have to confess that nu-breed rock made a major impact in It was only last year when I said that nu-breed would have to produce something huge to get the genre going again, otherwise melodic fans will have to wait for something else to strike at mainstream. It seems saw that very thing happen with some monster releases and a ton of new names enter the fray.

Now I don't believe many of these made huge chart impacts, but the fact that the music is being made, sounds great and some of it released on major labels is at least keeping the flame alive.

The year's biggest seller was Avril Lavigne , who's spunky debut album continues to sell by the truck load. Hopefully those that dig that album - new and old fans - will look for more along those lines and that in turn will lead them online and right into our lair So nu-breed came back with a hit, but what about classic melodic rock and AOR. No such luck as far as any major label interest - but I don't expect that anyway. What I did see in was a further increase in the quality of releases from the melodic rock labels.

There was also several new arrives on the label front. All of them seem to have their own little flair and I wish them all the best of luck. Things are certainly more active and interesting then they were back in One thing is for sure - all labels need our support for them to continue to prosper, improve and offer an outlet for our favourite artists to continue to record our favourite music.

Don't think I mean blind enthusiasm - there will be some releases that are not up to the standard of others. But whether it's pure AOR, melodic rock, hard rock, progressive or metal - support your favourite artists!

One of my favorite things to do over the last few years has been to predict what the year ahead holds. I'll do it again a little bit further down the page, but right now I guess it's time to see just how close I got it with my predictions from last year's awards page.

My first prediction was that it would be an even more colorful year than was. Well, it was better musically, but scandals were way down. Disappointingly so! Yngwie's only negative publicity came from a lame 12 year old tape recording and UFO didn't even attempt a tour.

Axl Rose really was the only major twat of the year, so let's hope there are a few more scandals in the coming 12 months. First were my hot tips for albums to watch for in A few hits and a couple of misses. Mecca, Mike Tramp and Harem Scarem all nailed it, with albums that would make any best of list in any year. Heartland also released their best effort yet, with a great production featured.

Now, if they add the anthem style choruses of a Journey album, there would be no stopping them. I also mentioned Baron as one to watch. They delivered a good album, but it hasn't lived up to it's promise over the 12 months and in hindsight, could have been more consistent.

Magnum's comeback album was for me, also disappointing. Below average songs and a really programmed feel to it. High hopes for the next one. I know some will disagree with that assessment though. What about the other predicted highlights? Now, of these albums, Def Leppard and Westworld really pleased me. Tony Harnell proved he still has a monster voice, with the band's most commercial and fabulous album yet.

Adriangale was well received, but I still think it could have been beefier. The Goo Goo Dolls showed they still write some of the finest nu-breed out there, but for the love of God, kill the vocals from Robby. Albums that received a mixed response: Rush some love it, some hate it I think it's cool, but it could have been even better , Dokken I like it, but they didn't use Norum to their advantage and Bon Jovi better than Crush, but relatively boring in the end.

Bombs: Boston's 8 year trek to release new material failed to inspire most. It feature some killer songs, but just isn't a very cohesive album. Sales flop. Toto's covers album was met with similar mixed responses. Dogface forgot to write any choruses, so their much anticipated follow up didn't go too well. The biggest disappointments from the predictions: Boston, Toto and Dogface. I predicted Harem Scarem would spark debate with their new release and sure enough it did - combining the best elements of their classic sound and those closer to their recent Rubber work.

For me, releases like these are what bridges the gap between fans of the old and the new. It will be interesting to hear what the next album will bring. Three possible classics, three strikes! Now, I copped some flack for predicting that Tesla wouldn't get their new studio album out in Sure enough, it didn't happen, so those that mailed can e-mail apologies now!

Who else did I say won't make records in ? What else transpired? Westworld released a classic album that saw them get some major press coverage, including praise in the widely circulated LA Weekly , but they remain an independent artist in the US - but so is Journey now, so who cares?

As long as we support the artists, the music will continue. Be nice though if mainstream media gave a little more credit where due. Strange stuff indeed. It was from all accounts a great tour, but the B. So to was Roth's refusal to jam with Sammy for the encore each night. That would have been something to see. Michael Anthony joined Sammy on stage and also talked up new of a VH release, but alas, nothing ever eventuated.

In fact the Van Halen fiasco sunk further into a farce, with the band left without any support staff or a record label and remain without a singer. What was hardest to swallow was the complete lack of any kind of statement or update from the VH camp. Sure, Eddie told us he was healthy again in a 2 line statement, but otherwise the dwindling legion of VH fans me included were left sucking our thumbs.

For each month that passes there are less people that care Hagar released a new album - which, even though it was rough as guts, was pretty good again. I hear that he's pretty upset with the lack of label support for it and it not willing to record anything else unless a good deal is in place prior.

Can't blame Sammy for think that, but he has just joined the ranks of most other classic rock artists out there. Yngwie made the headlines again - this time for going nuts at a woman some 15 years ago.

How sad that something like that should surface now. His new studio was pretty good though, making up for last year's release. Too late for Spitfire though, who after re-releasing all his back catalogue last year, weren't interested in the new album.

Def Leppard released their new album X, which came as a pleasant surprise to me and won some favorable reviews. But alas, the record label could give two shits and the album has sunk without much fanfare. The guys played a few US dates, but with little push behind them, it wasn't surprising to see the album slip from the charts.

But, I'm ever hopeful, it's a classic and rather commercial album, so there isn't any reason why it can't be a sleeper, just like Hysteria was.

Of course, some fans accused the guys of selling out and going soft. Cried of selling out to outside influences also — but check the album credits people — there are only 2 songs on the whole album written outside the band.

Those dissing the album for being too soft are missing some classic melodic rock songs. Bon Jovi released their new album — again preaching their worth as a hard rock band and talking up the album. But on arrival it's chock full of ballads again.

A major let down…but at least it was better than Crush. Whitesnake are back together - well Coverdale's band are at least - with an all new line-up, aside from drummer Tommy Aldridge. Should be good to hear, although I can't help but be disappointed that John Sykes and Coverdale couldn't reach terms on a new union. Guns N Roses made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. With only half a tour completed, that being with an out of shape singer who was the only original band member means that there is a lot of work to be done to make the band's next album a success.

Jorn Lande confused everyone by leaving-joining-leaving Millenium , also dropped his own solo band, left Ark and joined Masterplan. Could get any more complex? Another with a string of bad press behind him was Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil. He stumbled blindly through , abusing a crowd of his own fans, punching one guy out and apparently even his girlfriend most recently.

Sebastian Bach made a dick of himself on UK TV and threw a friend of mine out of his tour bus, threatening him with his life after he pulled out a promo of the new Skid Row single.

Kiss are still going Paul Stanley made the most bizarre claim of the year, giving in principle support to a Kiss line up without any original members! Sony Music sent out copies of the new Pearl Jam album glued into Discman's, but I still got a copy off the net! The result of that will be heard shortly, with the release of their new album. MTM Music released a press release urging people to buy, not copy.

It seems CDR copying is really heavily eating into all label profits. Fair call - personally, if I like an album, I want everything, original art, original CD etc. However, the answer does not lie with CD copy protection. I can't sit at this PC and listen to it, or write a review, as the CD-Row won't recognize the disc and I can't format any MP3 soundbytes for you all to sample.

People won't buy unless they can sample, so who's the winner here? A few melodic rockers went nu-ish, with Eric Martin's album a rocking surprise and Alfonzetti's new album quite modern. Eric was well received, but Alfonzetti seems to have failed to excite. Shame - I think he's a cleaver writer and the album does contain some great tunes.

Honeymoon Suite's is it too - and again I think there were some great tunes there, but the fact the album is now available in 3 formats and two titles could have confused the public. Just one version next time please Sad thing is - not all of them worked commercially. That's too bad - again, more great music going begging. Firstly and regrettably Big and Gold Circle Records.

Due in Award: Van Halen - But will they get it together by then? Makes that Japanese retail price a little less ugly! Both artists are perfectionists and both continue to work on their new albums! Whenever your ready guys! That'll help the re-union!

Vocalist Of The Year: Jeff Scott Soto for his amazing work on Humanimal, his own solo album, a new live Talisman album and an awesome live performance at the Gods Plus more to come in ! The 'Japanese Label' one last cash-in award:. Castle Music for still producing those Magnum Best Of's. Of those nominated last year - Dream Theater and Styx did, Mr. Big did a DVD instead and Kiss took a year off - but only because the label and band couldn't agree.

Oh boy, where do I start! This year's Dickhead Of The Year Award was decided months ago and remained several miles ahead of his nearest competitor. He is without question the single most hated person within the AOR trading network, ripping off countless people over a number of years. From time to time he pops his head up looking for fresh prey, but most folk know him all too well these days. He was banned again from both my message boards, but after an admin error allowed him back in, he proceeded to post messages at a time on a daily basis for several weeks.

He also hit the Noticeboard, but has been successfully eradicated from that board. He caused the Trading Board to crash, which in turn, lead to it being replaced, so I guess some good came out of it! But being banned from both boards wasn't enough I had to get e-mail filters installed with my ISP to bounce all his messages back to him.

But that wasn't enough either So, here are a few examples of his classy e-mails to me and to the various message boards. Keep in mind that each message was sent around times and several more were deleted before I started saving the odd few for this award! A true dickhead if ever there was one! Friend, I hate to say this, but your site is much better and nicer than my horrible Melodic Rock page!!! Andrew P. Viva Brazil!! Education is always good and I like too!!! You is a stupid person?!!

Thank you!!! Tower Theatre. Stargazers Theatre. Knuckleheads Saloon. South Orange Performing Arts Center. Spire Center for the Performing Arts. The Memphis band FreeWorld recently celebrated their 30th anniversary in , and also released their seventh album, What It Is SwirlDisc , a sparkling song set with ten original tunes.

What It Is is a marvelous musical journey that will satisfy all comers. The new disc features ten songs, nine originals and one cover, and their musical style encompasses blues, rock, soul, Americana, and a bit of gospel flavor thrown in. Granite, Benck, and the rhythm section have a interesting and compelling sound. Their latest release should be must-listening for blues fans. Last year the band captured a powerful live performance at at their hometown St.

Charles handles vocals on the Sonny Boy and Little Walter tracks, while Kid Royal sings on the latter two, and both get ample space to shine on their instruments of choice.

The four originals, all written by Charles in the Chicago Blues style, fit neatly with the cover tunes. This is a powerful set nothing fancy at all just a great band playing the blues and playing them well. Charles is a charismatic frontman and dynamite harp player, and Royal does an excellent job in a variety of blues styles. The DVD offers the same performance and the camera work and production is first-rate. Either way that listeners decide to enjoy Make My Home in Florida , they will be pleased with the results.

Above and Below is a fine release from Shaneberger and his bandmates, showing that they have a flair for sharp songwriting and that they work well in several different musical settings. Hopefully, this release will lead to bigger and better things for JSB. This release has everything a blues fan could want excellent songs, a powerhouse band, and a talented, charismatic singer.

The irresistible title track closes the disc on a funky note with the band getting ample room to strut their stuff. There are still a few bands who play it like they used to, and Mama SpanX does it like few others do. Portnov covers Rev. This energetic song of love gone wrong was a perfect choice for the lead-off position. Jennifer Lyn proves that she will be a force to be reckoned with in the blues rock world with Badlands.

She wrote or co-wrote all nine songs on this stellar set, which is a mix of blues, rock, soul, country, even a little jazz. The moody title track leads off the disc, and Grey really shows her vocal range on this one. Force of Nature.

Luther Allison. Michael Hill's Blues Mob. Nothing but the Truth. Corky Siegel. Carey Bell. Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band. Ace in the Hole. Corey Harris. Long John Hunter. Floyd Dixon. Ann Rabson. Shemekia Copeland. The Skin I'm In. John Jackson. Live in Chicago. Gaye Adegbalola. Coco Montoya. Corey Harris and Henry Butler. That's My Partner!

Elvin Bishop and Little Smokey Smothers. Rusty Zinn. The Holmes Brothers. Michael Burks. Presumed Innocent. Marcia Ball. So Many Rivers. Kenny Neal and Billy Branch. Carey Bell and Lurrie Bell. Have a Little Faith. Mavis Staples. This is rough and ready mix of blues-based rock with a steady groove which will often move you from tapping your feet or clapping your hands to working up a sweat on the dance floor.

Black Bone Child has a singular ability to marry rugged catchy lyrics with amounts of grit and groove in their arrangements. Take You Blind is a departure from Alligator , but the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Jimmy Page Collection [2-CD]. Sea Of Love 5. Album) Reaper. Blues in My Soul. This Road Is Mine. Darling, Please Forgive Me Temptation Harem Scarem released another perfect combination of AOR and melodic rock with a slight modern twist. Unit 7. Blue Hearts - Various - Go-Kart Vs. The Corporate Giant (CD), River Seine: - Jacques Ysaye And His Orchestra - The Follies Of Paris (Vinyl, Album), Not Half* - Noise2 (CDr, Album), Unknown Artist - Notre Concerto (Vinyl) Sitemap


Technocat 2000 (Hardhead Mix) - Lagos - Technocat 2000 (File, MP3)

Stone Roses - "Fools Gold" Silvertone. Timezone - "World Destruction" Celluloid. Portishead - "untitled" Go Beat. The Paragliders - "Oasis" Superstition. BT - "Trippin" Perfecto.

Christian Vogel - "Time What" white Label. Faithless - "Salva Mea". R Johnson - "Architects" acetate. Ellis D - "My Lolita" minimal Test. Hardkiss - "The Pheonix" Lattitude. Passion - "Degrees Of Passion" acetate. Eric Levi - "Les Visiteurs" Remark. Vangelis - "Sebastian's Apt" East West. Sharon Forrester - "Love Inside" London. Danny Rampling. Michael Jackson - "Little Susie" Sony. Popcorn - "Tap Moi La" Mercury. Andronicus - "Remix" Hooj Choons.

Minty - "Plastic Bag" Sugar. Underworld - "Juanita" Junior Boys Own. Don E - "Don't She" Island. Dusted - "Access" Good Looking.

Goldie - "Metalheadz" dub Plate. Dave Clarke - "Southside" deConstruction. Poltergeist - "Vicious Circles" Manifesto. Cherry City Blues - "Vol. One" Conviction. Houztown - "Roller Coaster" Vicious Musik. Jon Carter. Lee Fisher. Li'l Louis - "Freedom" Strictly Rhythm. New Decade - "Narrow Mind" white Label. Lucky Monkeys - "Bjango" Hi-Life.

The Wiseguys. Descent - "Moonblower". UF1 - "The River [V. P Mix]" actetate. Vince Alley - "The Ride" Unabomber. Subjective Duality - "Restricted Area" Reload. Innersphere - "Out Of Body" Sabrettes. Artist Unknown - Untitled Test Pressing. Party Boy - "Twilight Zone" Urban. Second Front - "Escape" Tumblin. Ghetto House - "untitled" Dance Mania. Lisa Loud. Bilin' Back - "Boom Box" Fokus. Basement Jaxx - "Intro" white Label2.

System 7 - "Expansion" Big Life. Karma - "Relax Yourself" Groove Attack. Digital - "Tex" Photek. Scmcre - "I Refuse" XL. Bleaden - "Hitchhikers Guide" Original.

Ian Pooley - "Everything" white Label. Warped 69 - "A Highnaturally" Fierce. David Bowie - "Speed Of Life". Pink Floyd - "More". Crustation - "Boarderline [Insanity Dub]" Jive. D Train - "Keep On" Prelude. Jeff Mills - "Humana Track 1 " Axis. Kamafkarge - "Disctatamination" Tortured. Sifteck - "Cosmic Love" Nephalism.

Lil Louis - "French Kiss" ffrr. DJ Rap - "Bad Girl" acetate. Groove Armada - "Dakota" Pepper. Dutch Liquid - "Funk - E" S. Driza Bone - "Real Love" Island.

Various - "The Scene" Capitol. Jurassic 5 - "Lesson 6 The Lecture" Rumble. The Venerable Bead - "Metrodome" Experience Swag - "Collected Works" Just Trax. Narcotik - "Blue" white Label. Artist Unknown - Untitled Silver. Swag - "Whitelabel" white Label. Taste Experience - "Highlander" Barracuda. Basement Jaxx - "Dove's Cry" Intro. Raff N Freddy - "Listen" Pschent.

Capital Rocks - "untitled" Next Century. Swag - "Tribute" Version Music. Compound - "Lifeline" Reflection. Owen Jay - Untitled Sok. The Messengers - "Spread Love" white Label. Artist Unknown - "Trichtermuzik" white Label. The Taste Experience - "Highlander" white Label. Artist Unknown - "untitled" white Label. Send Exclusive Beats Only! Hardhexdsev Wreck Thiz Place. The most downloaded DJ worldwide.

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Sagat - "Luv Stuff" ffrr. Vortex - "Vortex" white Label. Essential Mix - Sifteck - "Cosmic Love" Nephalism. Africanism - "Block Party" Yellow. Various - "The Scene" Capitol. Substance - "Urban Sea". Laurent Garnier - "The Force" F. R Johnson - "Architects" acetate. Nanokosmos - Mathilda & Leonard (File, MP3), For All We Know, Against The Tide - So Be It (2) - The Wrath Of The Skies (Vinyl), Nine And A Half Times - Graeme Allwright - Sings Brassens (Vinyl, LP, Album) Sitemap


Im The Man (Live Version)

John , Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and they that hear shall live. So thank God that Jesus destroyed the last enemy death on the cross, and has brought immortality to light. Now because Jesus lives, we too shall live. King James Bible Online. Come on, turn the lights out, man Turn it way down Hey Mister Lightman You gotta turn those lights way down, man!

Hey, I'm not kidding, you gotta turn the lights out Come on! What do we care? This is the end, beautiful friend This is the end, my ownly friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I'll never look into your eyes again.

CNET News. MSN gives Messenger a voice. Instant Messaging Road-Test — Messenger 4. Microsoft puts a price on IM features. CNET Networks. July Home Toys. Microsoft Developer Network. Retrieved on April 20, October 31, Archived from the original on November 1, Retrieved April 20, IDG News.

Retrieved November 24, Microsoft Community. Retrieved April 22, Web Talk. January 25, Retrieved April 26, June 24, Retrieved June 24, Retrieved August 17, Retrieved February 15, Blogging Windows.

Retrieved August 31, August 7, The Next Web. Retrieved April 13, Skype Blog. CBS Interactive. August 31, Retrieved August 29, Jonathan Kay, MessengerGeek. November 7, April 16, MessengerGeek blog. Retrieved August 9, Retrieved January 17, Retrieved April 1, Windows Live website.

Microsoft Corporation. June 14, Retrieved June 15, The recommended videos also have huge thumbnails now, and seem to take up extra screen space for no reason but to just make you scroll more.

We already know how many times the UI has been changed in the past for no reason, and it makes absolutely zero sense to do so when everybody is happy with how it is. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple TV. App Store Preview. Description Make watching your favorite videos easier with the YouTube app. Jun 10, Version Publisher's Description. User Reviews. Reviews Current version All versions. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating.

Report this post. Pros When I used it, it was a nice feature, but IM'ing has become an outdated service for me. Cons Do not want this on my computer, I don't use it nor have any need for it any longer and wish to uninstall it, which so far has proven to be an impossible process.

Pros i'm a student of china and i want to make friends with anyone wo would like to chat with me ,and i want to learn english well ,so i think it's a good ideal to use this software ,however i don't know well about it.. Summary Utterly infuriating and illogical install process and no support.

Summary Live messenger used to be known as MSN messenger and it used to be a nice chat program. Read reply 1 Reply by Kennneth-wu on February 18, sorry and could you tell me what are wildly used by most of the students? Pros You can IM with your windows messanger freinds. Read reply 1 Reply by Kennneth-wu on February 18, and i'm a student of China would you willing to make friend with me?

Pros easy to use,dont have to open other progams Cons Don't have anything to complain for. Summary I use the software every day. Results 1—10 of 1 2 Please Wait.

Tap like to save to your personal list or share with your friends! Deuteronomy When I went up on the mountain to receive the tablets Im The Man (Live Version) stone, the tablets of the covenant that the LORD made with you, I stayed on the mountain forty days and forty nights. A fan site for Windows Live Messenger, Mess. Microsoft released the first major update, version 2. All the days of my trouble I would be waiting, till the time came for me to be free. Come on, baby, take a chance with us Come on, baby, take a chance with us Come on, baby, take a Im The Man (Live Version) with us Meet me at the back of the blue bus Meet me at the back of the blue bus, Blue rock, Blue bus, Blue rock Blue bus. Yes, son? The film Minions featured the song and is also on the film's soundtrack. El Pañuelito - Ismael Rivera Con Los Cachimbos* - El Pañuelito / Carimbo (Vinyl), Os Grilos - Various - Bossa Beach: Latin Jazz Dance Island (CD), Psyche - Timothy Seelig, Turtle Creek Chorale - Serenade (CD, Album), Untitled 4 Sitemap


Land Of The Monster

This Guiding Lands regional monster list breaks down each region and the levels that various monsters will spawn into the world. In order to hunt some of the end-game monsters, players will have to spend some time leveling up specific regions, then hunting the monsters that appear when they do.

The Guiding Lands work differently than other environments in Monster Hunter World in that the overall location is made of various sub-regions which resemble some of the standalone regions found earlier in the game. For example, players can walk from the Forest region to the Wildspire region seamlessly while exploring the Guiding Lands. Each region features its own unique resources and monsters, with some being locked behind a leveling system.

This is accomplished by hunting monsters, collecting tracks, breaking monster parts, and generally performing tasks in that region. Below are four charts that detail which monsters will spawn at each level of each region in the Guiding Lands.

There, the beasts were detained for the sake of humanity, and also studied by the world's scientists. However, in , underground nuclear testing destroyed Monster Island, and the small landform was rendered uninhabitable. Within a few years, however, the monsters were rounded up again and detained on a new island in the Ogasawara chain. This new island, dubbed Monsterland, contained a high-tech underground base from which the monsters could be monitored and studied.

Near the end of the 20th century, an alien race known as the Kilaaks seized control of Monsterland and unleashed the monsters across the globe under their mind control. The crew of the Moonlight SY-3 arrived on the island and encountered the Kilaaks, but were attacked by the Monsterland staff, who were also under the invaders' mind control. The base camp is set up behind a crevasse in the mountain wall where it is safe.

However, the only way to reach it is through use of a Farcaster or by being taken there by the cart Felynes. No supplies are to be found in the camp but there is a single bed. There are climbable ledges on each side of the main area east and west on which Alatreon may get its horns stuck in after a charge.

This only works if both horns haven't been broken yet. Land Monster Austin, Texas. Contact Land Monster. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Land Monster, you may also like:. Burst by snarls. This debut full-length from Columbus four-piece Snarls speaks to indie rock's resilience.

Banbaro Acidic Glavenus Ebony Odogaron. Indie rock with that late '90s approach: burbling melody, a literary bent, and a restless heart. Land Monster Austin, Texas. Welcome to Wikizilla! Propulsion had also proved problematic in the development of the Maus : The prototype had failed to meet its specified speed requirements which meant that even larger vehicles such as the P. Let's get rolling! Still Grounded This only Land Of The Monster if both horns haven't been broken yet. In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimatetwo Ballistae have been added to the area and a plant gathering point, in addition, there's a ballista Land Of The Monster in the upper section of the area which makes Alatreon fall from its fly state. Christmas Cookies And Holiday Hearts - Teresa Brewer - At Christmas Time (Vinyl, LP), Mad Man Blues - Dr. Feelgood - Mad Man Blues (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mono (2) - Slide E.P. (Vinyl), Прогулка С Месяцем - Михаил Круг - MP3 Collection (CDr), Head In The Clouds (Syphon Dub) Sitemap


Hold On To The World - Peabo Bryson - Reaching For The Sky (Cassette, Album)

In , the band enjoyed their first gold disc, Head To the Sky , and went on to achieve an incredible six consecutive double platinum albums. The band continues to remain a major influence on many of today's young songwriters, producers and performers. Tracklisting :.

For further information, please contact:. Tel: Fax: The ceremony will air on NBC. All-Stars will be performing at B. Check the link for further information.

The list include: 1. Freddie Ravel, Freddie Ravel 2. Brian McKnight, Superhero 3. Not Peabo Bryson. Not ever. For what? And Detroit is a place where children whip their parents and send them to bed without supper. I never had security, because I never needed it. Inspired by Cochrane's experiences during the years following the success of his album Mad Mad World , the song was released in August as his first single since It became only the second song—and the first by a Canadian artist—to debut atop the Canadian RPM Top Singles chart, giving Cochrane his second number-one single in his home country, and it also reached number three on the RPM Adult Contemporary chart.

CD vinyl record 7" audio cassette. Retrieved 9 July Library and Archives Canada. GfK Entertainment Charts. Retrieved 16 February Retrieved 1 October Official Charts Company. Swiss Singles Chart. Retrieved 16 May Affection has sold over five million copies around the world. It was certified three-times Platinum in the United Kingdom and Platinum and Gold in various countries, including Platinum in the United States for selling over one million copies.

The album reached top ten around the globe, including number one in Austria and Italy. If you buy more than 1 prices will be automatically discounted. The more you buy, the bigger the discount. The list of available cassettes will be updated as tapes are sold and new additions will be added periodically. Please send a message at the time of purchase listing the specific artist and title you would like to purchase. Tapes are listed in no particular order. Cassette singles will include the original sleeve unless noted.

Some of the tapes shown in the pics may no longer be available, please see the list below for what is currently available. Richard Marx - Rush Street. Kenny G - Silhouette. Johnny Mathis - 99 Miles From L. Barry Manilow - Summer Of ' Herman's Hermits - Greatest Hits. Kingdom Come - In Your Face. Bad Company - Fame And Fortune. Perry Como - A Classic Collection. Carl Perkins Vol.

Roger Whittaker - Greatest Hits.

When Beauty and the Beast was released, many animators were impressed with the studio for " pushing the envelope ", while some considered the scene to be "a miserable failure", accusing its new technology of distracting from "the moment". Alley Oop 2. The twenty-eight-page booklet features photos, memorabilia, lyrics and brand new sleeve notes. It was the first single from his album Made in England and was released on 20 February Hold Your Head Up 2. Savage Garden - Savage Garden. Recording Industry Association of Album). Symbol Of Love Per conquistare te - I Crazy Boys - Hai negli occhi tutto il sole del mondo (Vinyl, LP, Album), Applause - Shostakovich*, Barber*, Münchner Philharmoniker - Symphonies 1 & 9 - Adagio For Strings, Cuando Vayas Conmigo - Francisco (6) - Grandes Exitos (De Manuel Alejandro) (CD), Its Not Enough - Bob Baldwin - Reflections Of Love (CD, Album) Sitemap


Nashville Womens Blues - Bessie Smith - The Bessie Smith Recordings Volume Six - A Dawn Club Jazz Record (Vinyl, LP)

Guido Sinclair. And anchoring it all was Tapscott himself; as Kamasi Washington, whose vision of a large, Los Angeles community-based ensemble echoes that of P.

Neon green vinyl pressing limited to copies. It's standout track is Dancing in the Moonlight. This vinyl reissue is on gram vinyl with download code with replica artwork. Following the release of four studio albums, the band finally forged an identifiable sound featuring the twin guitars of Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson, and drawing influences from hard rock, folk, pop and rhythm and blues.

It proved to be the band's commercial breakthrough in the US, and the only Thin Lizzy album with a certification in this country. Jailbreak contains Thin Lizzy's biggest hit in the U. It was produced by Ron Nevison and bandleader Phil Lynott, and was the first album to feature the band as a quartet with newcomers Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson on guitars.

Simulcast features instrumental versions of the album tracks. Tycho are the double Grammy nominated, electronic music project led by Scott Hansen as primary composer, songwriter and producer.

The group is taking a step towards their previous output and signature Tycho sound. It is considered to be the darkest of the band's releases, having been written after a series of deaths in frontman Peter Steele's family. It was also the band's first album to reach the Top 40 on the Billboard Following the subversive sheen of s In A Poem Unlimited, Remy has taken a deeply introspective about-face to produce a set of mindful compositions on hindsight, the passage of time, the delicate balance of the conscious and the unconscious, and the pursuit of a radical empathy.

This ambitious album tells a single story, of two star-crossed lovers who commit a bank heist together, over the course of 10 gorgeous, dense layered guitar tracks spiced with keyboards and reinforced with powerful bass and percussion grooves! Here he picks up on the classicism of his solo debut, adding heavy elements of pastoral British Folk and Traffic-styled trippiness.

A critically acclaimed piece of work that reached 2 in the UK charts. Taking inspiration from those that came before, such as Milford Graves with whom Fox has studied , and the great minimalist composer Rhys Chatham, Guardian Alien rejects previously established forms while selectively contorting elements of many into a wholly unique and personal new order.

Striking a unique balance between sounds produced acoustically and electronically, its latest work, Spiritual Emergency, shows the group harnessing instability and cosmic fluctuations, pushing its sound in multiple directions simultaneously to create a pivotal moment in the post-modern New York underground. Conjuring an unholy hybrid of traditional heavy metal and modern thrash components, Death of Kings assaults the senses with an onslaught of dueling guitars, a pummeling rhythm section, and ferocious vocals.

Scorching the earth since their inception, Death of Kings has been a forceful presence in the Southeast, sharing stages with current metal headliners including Skeletonwitch, 3 Inches of Blood, and Mastodon, as well as legendary acts such as Morbid Angel and DRI. With 2 self-released EPs under their belt, their Boris Records debut 7" continues to showcase their focus on creating dynamic heavy metal for the ages.

The title track, "Knifehammer," instantly demands your attention, with blazing guitar and bass solos and punishing percussion from start to finish, leaving you begging for more. Proceed to the B-side, "Beneath the Obsidian," only to be forcibly greeted by the unrelenting pounding of drums and guitars, matched only by an anguished vocal delivery that paints an entirely different range at which the band equally excels. The b-side is a karaoke version of "Trouble" and we've thoughtfully included the new lyrics so you can sing along in the privacy of your own home One of the most influential bands from the New York straight edge hardcore scene.

Now available again on vinyl with newly restored, original cover artwork. GM2 Mangled kick major ass with this this single. For fans of Ghoul. Black Vinyl Limited to WICCA Remastered by John Golden. This is the first time this pioneering Doom Metal release has been available in it's original format for over two decades.

Remastered at Enormous Door Studios for maximum heft and density. Includes new liner note from Scott Wino. The lashing guitar attacks bound by the blackened outer limits of thrash, dissonance, and screaming tempos in "Neurotoxin" erupt with so much skull-rattling speed and intensity that it threatens to rip itself apart at every searing riff.

And what the song "Hellish Mercenary" packs onto vinyl only hints at the blitzkrieg behind the band's songs when they're played live. A "gore de force" of all things fast and nasty this EP sees the trio barfing forth four more offerings in their trademark style of weed thrashing death cacophony by way of grind- core ethos with a blown out ZEKE cover for good measure.

No politics, no retro bullshit, just gore-drenched worship of the fastes riffs. Six years, two tape EPs, two split tapes, two 7" EPs, three tours, and five misdemeanors later and the bowl still isn't cashed Limited edition of Comes with mini poster. Smoked out, beer drenched, headbangers belching burrito-tinged death breath since ' Blown out thrash metal onslaught by way of grindcore ethos and death metal precision.

No politics, no retro bullshit, just gore-drenched worship of the fastest riffs. Conceived solely as a means to play house shows and drink free beer these dudes embarked on a journey that played no minor role in ending Atlanta's reputation as a haven for nothing but second rate sludge metal and a city to skip for touring bands.

Six years, two tape EPs, two split tapes, one 7" EP, three tours, and five misdemeanors later and the bowl still isn't cashed Coupled together, complementary in their politics and social outlooks, we are proud to release this split 7" before full lengths by both bands later this year.

White vinyl. This single features the b-side "Who's To Say," a cover by Blanche, one of Detroit's most pre-eminent artists in Housed in "soft touch aqueous coating" sleeves yes, really , these are the best feeling 7"s that are missing from your collection and they feel like a cross between rubber and lambskin.

It's nice. Limited to copies. Be sure to look for the complete YDi discography collection, coming soon from our friends at Southern Lord Records, but for now, drop the needle and enjoy some vintage, authentic inner city aggression from YDi!! One of the most spectacular and critically lauded artists in the world, the Collapse EP is one surely not to be missed! Extending the flamboyant paths that Aphex Twin has consistently managed to forge through his dizzying career.

MTI T This Peel Session comprised of all original material at the time. Presented as a complete session and on vinyl for the first time. Includes digital download card. Pink vinyl. Available again on both standard vinyl and picture disc. All Hallow's E. It was originally released in October, , through Nitro Records. It contains three original songs and a cover of the Misfits song "Halloween".

AFI formed in Ukiah, California in Originally a hardcore punk band, they have since delved into many genres, starting with horror punk and following through post-hardcore and emo into alternative rock and gothic rock. With a live show that falls somewhere between carnival sideshow and psychedelic beach party, the rambunctious California sextet has made a name for itself touring with Dr.

EP Alternative Rock. Record Store Day release. FUEL DUST LP Classic Rock. JAM CREW JD With four bonus tracks, and digital download coupon. LVL JODYE The raw energy of The Adolescents announced the birth of the So. Punk scene. Brash lyrics and furious playing were their hallmarks that led to a cult status among punk afficianados. Their self-titled album from set the proverbial stage for everyone from The Dead Kennedys to Green Day and Offspring.

Scoring a punk hit with "Amoeba," The Adolescents soon outgrew each other and split apart. Yet their attitude and high-intensity playing live on. Original copies of their only LP are nearly impossible to find, but this reissue on vinyl is a treat for punk fans and collectors. It is one of those rare albums you just can't miss. Frontier Records.

Recorded at Perspective Sound, Sun Valley. GIRL NO WAY Except now the band has gotten even faster and tighter which results in Untamed fury that crushes skulls! Don't think the fun stops there cause this also includes the original insert and art work. Painstakingly restored and updated to to deliver maximum visual and audio enjoyment!

Paul still may not be home , but you can at least again own this piece of history. BUGS PURE Cock Sparrer has "Shock Troops. DUNES Recorded on the US tour supporting his critically-acclaimed album Rocket Pitchfork Best New Music and not long after a notable feature on Frank Ocean's album Blonde, this stand-alone LP is his first live set to be captured and made widely available for his very loyal fanbase to enjoy.

Featuring work from self-released tapes, Orchid Tapes and Domino Recordings, this daydreamy and intricate retrospective opens a private window into Sandy Alex G's lovely lyrical wordplay and cozy stage persona. JUDGE KUTE PROUD BOBBY WITCH BRICK HORSE SO GNAW After all, as Marx once said: "The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living. Supporting Interpol on their spring tour, then headlining a tour in June. BLOOD GAMES DIRT SANDY As richly textured and timeless as a Southern California beach break, the songs are evocative of Los Angeles' storied past.

Beatniks, artists, surfers, nomads. Remnants of a bygone Sunset Strip. Golden tans and cosmic sunsets. One can feel the warmth of the sun, but the band deftly avoids the kitsch so often indulged by lovers of these things. Black Emperor. In addition to recording the sessions that McMahon produced, members of Godspeed also played on several of the songs, along with Colin Stetson on saxophone and Elias Bender-Ronnenfelt of Iceage, who duets with McMahon on two tracks.

The result is definitively the most substantial Amen Dunes record to date. These are elemental songs about time, love and memory, as much about the listener as they are about the writer: pure, open, and beautiful. It is often cited as the band's finest work, yielding a sound texture that teeters on implosion and seeing the band yank the melody back at the last second.

Pressed on 2LP's, featuring 3 bonus tracks, and an etching on side 4. Rising from the ashes of VOM - a semi-serious venture including Gregg Turner and Metal Mike Saunders, both rock writers, and legendary rock critic Richard Meltzer - the Angry Samoans unleashed a torrent of hard-driving, brief, lyrically lucid songs that struck a tone both political and humorous.

This synthesis of fun and anger became the foundation for an entire movement's musical voice. Drastic Plastic is delighted to reissue this classic, complete with painstaking recreation of art and sound on both heavyweight gram vinyl and blood-red gram vinyl.

Remastered for vinyl by Masterdisk. Limited edition of 1, gram black vinyl and 1, gram blood-red vinyl. Faithful, updated rendering of original art on 24 pt. Comprised of 26 tracks, culled from 9 full-length albums spanning 6 labels, A Document of Dissent showcases the evolution of the band's sound with hit after glorious hit, each accompanied by in-depth liners notes from the band illustrating the songs' history and significance.

In addition, the packaging includes a biographical timeline of the band cross-referenced with world events. Three sides of music, with a laser etching of the eagle man from the cover on the fourth side. VICES HAITI Double LP in Gatefold sleeve. The record sees the Los Angeles native strike it out alone, returning to the solo moniker he has adopted for well over a decade.

JELL-O Limited blue vinyl pressing of copies worldwide. The band first met while immersed in L. Over the past year they have become a mainstay on the L. YOU BILLY Stranger Than Fiction is the eighth album from Bad Religion, and one of their most popular.

Since their inception at Humber College's Music Performance program in , the three have challenged the rule book on improvised instrumental music and taken jazz tradition into the future.

With early champions including acclaimed BBC broadcaster Gilles Peterson and Tyler The Creator who helped fuel their discovery , the inseparable friends are prepping to release their biggest project to date, III, on Innovative Leisure.

Double LP in gatefold jacket. OVER EVEN This instalment offers further insights into life at home and on the road, and even features a song written by his daughter and another about his other daughter. Tim performed onstage with the Richmond Symphony following his last release, one never knows what he will get into next.

As frontman Andrew Fisher's gravelly, Lifetime-esque yowl skips and stretches over driving rhythms and poignant guitar melodies, it's clear BASEMENT expertly walks the line between the contrast of heartrending emo and gruff post-hardcore. Whether working through a slow, Seaweed-styled mid-tempo burn or pounding-out driving punk, BASEMENT has a quiet layer of jagged desperation weaving their songs together under the smooth melodic surface.

YOKE FUEGO LP Latin. FIN Expanding their sound while keeping true to their vision, Bauhaus hit it big with the single "Kick in the Eye. AND ME UNITE DO IT SCOOP They were eventually rejected by the label and went on to sign with EMI subsidiary Parlophone, and the rest, as they say, is history. Had they signed with the label in the winter of , would they have become the band that changed the world?

Who knows Includes download code. The peak of Beatlemania might have been this album from A total of 7 tracks from this album charted. This pressing contains the digital remaster of the album, making it sound more vibrant and electrifying than ever before. Another mega-hit album from The Beatles, 's "Help! The album peaked at 1 on the Billboard chart in WAIT Double LP, Gatefold jacket, beautiful packaging.

SAHEL COMA HALEY MARY VEGAS PAUL RANDY Nick Caves dark lyrics are barked and howled over demonic melodies, evoking sounds of jazz, pure destruction, and a bone-chilling sideshow carnival. Mastered for vinyl by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio. Faithful, updated rendering of original jacket and inner sleeve. Pressed at Quality Record Pressings. CRY HO-HO YARD ENJOY LP Garage. Still featuring Stewart at the helm along with select collaborators as supplementation, the band's recent shift in locale from East Coast to West Coast lends a great deal to the overall feel of the new album.

WOODS FRISK They gained notoriety not only for their surreal and smutty sense of humour, but also for their amalgamation of proto-punk, s porn, pop, and avant-garde music. They released many vinyl singles and cassette tapes from onwards which were later compiled on an album called, Pass the Dust, I Think I'm Bowie.

SHAFT I lost a good frybread recipe she sent me too Once again, I am trying to do the old guestbook catch up here! I didn't think I was going to make it to the show, and at the last minute, everything worked out! I was so happy to be there to see all the good people, some who traveled very far to be there. When they started the show with "Forever Young" I knew it was going to be a great night of music! When they played "Life is a Carnival" not one person was sitting down!

Steve: You need to expand that dance floor! Needless to say, many thanks to the Jim Weider's Band, for bonding such great friendship's through your music! The Band's music just has that power, to bond friendships through all the show's, and through this wonderful guestbook.

Thanks Jan for all your hard work! A Belated Happy Birthday to Maud! The latest from Mix in an interview with the recently and unfortunately deceased producer Gus Dudgeon.

For those of you unfamiliar, Dudgeon was a storied British record producer who loved Americana type music, thus the perfect guy to do those early Elton John albums. Anyway, in perhaps his final interview, this nugget: "I loved bands like Little Feat and The Band, who were one of the finest collections of players ever put together in one group in my opinion.

Subject: for all and sundry Hi all, Your favorite neighborhood Supraman is here again As in what was the significance? The reason being that Indira is very much an Indian name Indira Gandhi. Is Purnadas Baul the link? I dont remember this question being asked here before Now onto some more pressing matters.

Peter Viney is one of the reasons why we continue to have such stimulating, interesting and educative discussions here, and it is the same reason why I come here everyday and read every post. And I know for a fact that much of what I know has just been picked up from them. I wish that some of this mudslinging would stop now. I have one concert video of his frm Belfast named Waterfront or something which is simply brilliant!!

And of course Play on, ye olde Irish Bard!! As for Travis, I downloaded their version of TW frm this site a long time back and they have done a fantastic job at capturing the spirit of the song.

To me The Weight is like a never-ending song, it goes on in cycles and seems like continuing forever. There is a very old Hindi film song from the 50s that also does the same for me but I doubt anyone here would have heard it.

We all love ya!! Are there any updates on Garth playing in Bollywood movies? And if he does come down to India some time, I would not mind making the pilgrimage. Standing on the grounds of his palacial estate, "Los Robles" The Oaks , amidst the sprawling acres dotted with orchards now blanketed in smoke, the Governor found himself lost in the haze of memories.

He was transported back two decades in time, where on horseback on the dusty road to Macon, Georgia, he turned back to north through the darkness of night to watch the distant fires blazing through Atlanta. Abruptly, the voice of his ranch foreman jolted him back to the present in San Marino, California, thousands of miles away from that moment and that war in the past.

The memory still brought him a twitch of pain, as he recalled his capture just days later at the hands of the Rebels. But the voice drew him back, as he found himself choking on the smoke of the present -- "It must have been them Mexicans, General. I seen a bunch of them riding off just before the fire started. Those sum-of-a-bitches always seem to put up one hell of a fight when defending their land. Thank you very much, you're the most attracting reason who make us scrolling daily the GB.

At this instant you led me back to my normal state, cause my last post is through the subject irreverrential toward the GBers whom I have a great respect. I wrote it in a moment of ungry and musical passion In a very few words you practically answerd to a whole set of mine posts. But there is an essential question, perhaps are you informed Is Robbie Robertson the first guitarist who used the tremor tremolo in italian generic musical term in the history of rock players?

Thanks in advance. I believe they were from just east of Toronto, but sang with fake English yob accents. Another great Canadian coal song - though not about mining the stuff - is "Loading Coal" by the Five Sounds. An excellent Bo Diddly beat record. Subject: What Lil Said Most of the World Wide Web is as much of a vast wasteland as television, but this is an oasis and I hope Jan knows how much most of us appreciate it.

Rosalind: click the link for a fairly interesting obituary of Tim Rose. The bit about the supposed offer to replace Brian Jones in the Stones sounds unlikely but you never know I just listened to Travis' version of "The Weight" I had never heard it before.. Almost as good as The Jan's :- I had mentioned to our esteemed webmaster just recently that the wealth of information on this site is absolutely mind-boggling. If I had the time and the patience to actually sit here for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a few weeks..

I'm sure I still wouldn't hit on everything there is to hear and see here. And so, in thanking Jan again for this amazing place, I also want to thank everyone out there for the contributions that have made this site so incredible.

Have a good day everyone. You made an interesting football analogy on the status of various players in the team or the group. I agree that the midfield tactician is the key to a team, but I suspect that often attacking players like lead guitarists actually get the kudos. When you have a near unbeatable goalkeeper drummer and great attackers guitar, lead vocal , you can afford a hungover, wheezing midfield.

The file contains the whole song, but don't tell anyone, ok? Yes, 'n' how many times can a man turn his head, Pretending he just doesn't see? I am listenning at this very moment to an MP3 version, in fact it is not bad at all Our world today really needs to be informed of this kind of events.

In the second half he did hit a little more to left but just about all his HR's were to right field. He's not what he used to be, that's for sure I found it in a local store about a year ago. At that time it was available at Amazon. Brien, good post on pull hitters. I would add that Mo Vaughn would use the whole field when he played in Boston. He was adept at taking advantage of the Green Monster in left field at Fenway, which is why he was consistently over.

If he's digressed into a strict pull hitter in Shea, that may explain his drop in productivity. Hit it where it's pitched, Maurice! You finally hit the Spot"..

I wounder who's spot he hit :o? They did an acoustic set, similar to the Carnegie Hall show. It was great to see everyone that showed up Cause i am in a public cyberoom, i was scrolling the photo galery of this site when i heard one of two teenagers behind me telling his friend: 'Look, here is Robbie Robertson, the man who introduced the tremor in rock guitar playing'.

Today's teenagers in my lovely fatherland completely lost the good manners, they were watching MY screen behind my shoulder.

My first reaction was, i must verify this information. Public places are like the internet, you must verify the authenticity of all the informations you hear within. However, at the second and more meditative step, i was wondering why only one person retained the attention in a photo where four The Band members of equal merit are present. In soccer ball, an old natural rule which is admitted as well by public as by specialists is, the more you have chances to be the star in your team is when you are playing, in decreasing order midffield - attack - defence - goalkeeper.

A similar perception of Rock bands since the begining established the same subjective order in the relative merit of its members, and especially in their relative public image. I must recognize that i personally owned this deteriorated judgement toward that bands which are not familiar. The decreasing subjective order is: Lead vocal - guitar - piano - keyboards - horns - bass - drums - fiddle - flute - etc I accept those judgements from the wide public, I hope only that the specialized media dont contribute to this part of the game, for professional ethics.

I don't actually think Serge is Serge, if you get what I mean. I think he's a spammer. Nobody who was once so intimately exposed to The Band could possibly be so petty minded and mean spirited as that poster. That said, everything "Serge" said about Pete Viney is one hundred per cent cast iron true. The guy is a pompous old windbag. Absolutely no question about it. Then again, so are most of the people who post with any frequency on any of these forums.

Forinstance, if still you're reading this then you're in the presence of possibly one of the most pompous windbags of them all. Even as we speak, I am positively farting and expelling carbon doxide, steam or even worse out of every conceivable orifice. There is positively no limit to the pomposity I can expel.

I have honorary degrees in the friggin stuff. Bill Gates has provided me with the platform and I am damned well going to bore everyone else rigid taking advantage of it until I finally disappear over the Cambrian mountains with my very last jet propelled inspirational expulsion of keyboard shoite.

Must say though, for all that, I do happen to find Pete Viney's a rather more informed and erudite strain of shoite than most. Not to say there ain't others too like. There was a lot of back-and-forth when Michael Krosgaard published his notes on the Dylan session tape boxes in The Telegraph, because these contradicted some of what Heylin had had to say.

BTW, this confirms my theory that Van is quietly overtaking all opposition in recent years. Heylin might have followed a similar route to me here. Serge- great to see you using your own name at last. Keep trying. One day maybe you can contribute a positive and informative comment about early Hawk.

Subject: Vi-ta-je-ex whatcha doin' to me I have a great recipe for Spam! No extra salt needed! Fry in two tablespoons butter very slowly to get the very chrispy stuff you want. When it's fried to the desired crunch, pour a mixture made from maple syrup and stoneground mustard over it and put between two pieces of buttered toast and head to the tv with a bag of cheetoes and a big orange drink.

I learned to appreciate Spam in my van. I used to live in it. Fried Balogna and grilled cheese sandwiches made in the toaster-oven. Richard came up with an excellent technique of frying minute steaks on an iron set on cotton. I tried it just because he did Naturally It Worked. I was reading into brown-eyed-girl's link and found Tim Rose in the obituary column.

I guess he was most widely known for arranging "Hey Joe" Does anyone know anything else bout him? He died last tuesday. I could order the thing through the internet, but I've decided to take the Japanese route of GAMAN roughly translated: perserverance, grin and bear it and wait for the stores to stock it. Nothing noble about my efforts.. I just want to get the points on my service card every type of store over has these type of point cards.

Every time you make a purchase you get a number of points, when your card is full you get some kind ofdiscount or freebie. In the case of Tower Records you get yen of your next perchase which translates into a free CD plus change. Now back to my master plan of incorporating th USofA into Canada. Maybe if I offer all the back bacon you can eat Apparently there are currently noooooo Van Morrison official videos, DVDS or laserdiscs available anywhere in the world Thanks to a very crabby poster I'm sure a certain Englishman has all the boots available Subject: response to calvin calvin.

Subject: OLD Poster! Since a new poster had jumped aboard, I thought it appropriate for an OLD poster old as in 'former frequent poster', not old as in age to throw my two cents in and see how my old cyber-pals are doing! Anyway, has anyone gotten into Ryan Adams yet, per my suggestion more than a year ago? His third solo album is out and, I must say, it is a rock'n'roll winner! A good time, indeed! A solo acoustic show, nice. Woo Hoo! You guys know how I like TP.

Anyway, keep in touch, folks. How's it goin' out there, Butch m'man? If Peter's posts make anyone think he has a superiority complex, they're the one with the problem. I usually read his posts to the end I feel no pressure to read his or anyone else's posts unless the subject material catches my eye - and mostly it does.

To read or not to read - its no big deal, and it's not a competition, but a place to talk and to share information if you feel like it. I want that new Van biography too. I also heard there is at least one Van DVD coming onto the market - in fact my source told me there are two of them, but I'll be happy with any. Does anyone have any information about this subject?? Subject: New Poster Welcome aboard Pam!! I went to see the film Igby Goes Down this evening, and was quite surprised when during Susan Sarandon's funeral in the film a version of the Weight began to play.

I sat through til the end of the credits and it was credited to the Band Travis, who I have heard good things about but am unfamiliar. Does anyone know if it is just a soundtrack item or is it on one of Travis' CDs. All I know is it was a pretty good cover. Maud, why don't you stick for awhile, too? There's no reason not to. The worst that can happen is that someone will insult you hell, I probably will, eventually.

Just ignore 'em. Come on, join the crowd. Even though I don't really know what you said last time. Okay, Sergio, why don't you take on the big boys? This place has been getting boring lately anyway, it's time for another brawl. Let's go, buddy. You and me. You're from the 51st state, Canada, right? No wonder you're nuts, nothing to do all day but eat ham and watch SCTV.

What kind of loser hangs out with the Hawks and doesn't at least get a gig as a roadie? You should have been The Band's second guitar player, if you had any brains at all, but what the hell are you? A janitor of somethin'? Come and get me, you little hoser motherhumper. Pick on someone your own IQ! GREAT website with lots of usefull and ineresting info. Easy to navigate - and the design is nice too. Subject: Several things Well first I would like to wish Maud a belated Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Hope to see you again soon. Also, Lil, you had a party and you didn't invite me? I'm hurt. But then again, I might fall off my shoes and break a leg or foot like my daughter And last but not least, Roz, I was just in Shanksville on September 21st. It is only about 20 miles from my home. It is a very humbling experience. At first I thought the plane had gone down in Somerset which is about 10 miles from my home but, it is actually Somerset County, not Somerset, Pa. And, someone mentioned athletes, well Joe Montana was just here about 2 or 3 weeks ago in his hometown of Monessen which is about 5 miles from my house.

Well, everyone have a good day Yes Dave Z.! Jime Weider on Dobro,,Rando on a snare and 1 cymbal! Albert on bass and Dan on keys!! We were lookin for U!! Thank you, and goodnight. Serge - do you just lie in wait for any chance to take a cheap shot at Peter?

It's none of my buisness of course why you are angry with him, and jealous of him - but it sure is a drag to read those cheap-shot posts - IMHO. I'm trying to decide if it's worth hitting the submit button on this one G-Man: Did I hear that right? An acoustic set Must have been awesome I always loved the clips of Levon and Jim on the Band video Lars: I tried to email you but got an error message Romanus Records, custom tricolored variant limited edition vinyl.

I highly recommend seeing them. They put on an absolutely excellent and high-energy show and are also really nice people. I cannot be stopped, I cannot be silenced. But you can sort of change your relationship with me and not believe everything I say.

Vinyl DJ's, collectors and music fans. Home About. Unknown post type. Will you join us for the next foodphotography workshop in Sintra Portugal. London-based Consultancy Team specialising in Right to Light Daylight and Sunlight and Neighbourly Matters backed up by pioneering analysis software developed in-house by our highly experienced Technical Research and Development Team in Oxford. Australian Shiraz wins the best wine of the year at London Wine Competition.

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Universal was allowed to keep the Beatles' recorded music catalogue, managed by Capitol Records under its Capitol Music Group division. That December saw the release of another 59 Beatles recordings on iTunes. The set, titled The Beatles Bootleg Recordings , had the opportunity to gain a year copyright extension conditional on the songs being published at least once before the end of Apple Records released the recordings on 17 December to prevent them from going into the public domain and had them taken down from iTunes later that same day.

Fan reactions to the release were mixed, with one blogger saying "the hardcore Beatles collectors who are trying to obtain everything will already have these. It aired on 9 February, the exact date of — and at the same time, and on the same network as — the original broadcast of the Beatles' first US television appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show , 50 years earlier.

The special included performances of Beatles songs by current artists as well as by McCartney and Starr, archival footage, and interviews with the two surviving ex-Beatles carried out by David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theater. Directed by Ron Howard , it chronicled the Beatles' career during their touring years from to , from their performances in Liverpool's the Cavern Club in to their final concert in San Francisco in A week later, Sgt.

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was reissued with new stereo mixes and unreleased material for the album's 50th anniversary. The Beatles broke their own record for the album with the longest gap between topping the charts as Abbey Road hit the top spot 50 years after its original release. In their initial incarnation as cheerful, wisecracking moptops, the Fab Four revolutionised the sound, style, and attitude of popular music and opened rock and roll's doors to a tidal wave of British rock acts.

Their initial impact would have been enough to establish the Beatles as one of their era's most influential cultural forces, but they didn't stop there. The band's increasingly sophisticated experimentation encompassed a variety of genres, including folk-rock , country , psychedelia , and baroque pop , without sacrificing the effortless mass appeal of their early work.

In The Beatles as Musicians , Walter Everett describes Lennon and McCartney's contrasting motivations and approaches to composition: "McCartney may be said to have constantly developed — as a means to entertain — a focused musical talent with an ear for counterpoint and other aspects of craft in the demonstration of a universally agreed-upon common language that he did much to enrich.

Conversely, Lennon's mature music is best appreciated as the daring product of a largely unconscious, searching but undisciplined artistic sensibility. Ian MacDonald describes McCartney as "a natural melodist — a creator of tunes capable of existing apart from their harmony". His melody lines are characterised as primarily "vertical", employing wide, consonant intervals which express his "extrovert energy and optimism". Conversely, Lennon's "sedentary, ironic personality" is reflected in a "horizontal" approach featuring minimal, dissonant intervals and repetitive melodies which rely on their harmonic accompaniment for interest: "Basically a realist, he instinctively kept his melodies close to the rhythms and cadences of speech, colouring his lyrics with bluesy tone and harmony rather than creating tunes that made striking shapes of their own.

If there hadn't been Elvis, there would not have been the Beatles. The Beatles continued to absorb influences long after their initial success, often finding new musical and lyrical avenues by listening to their contemporaries, including Bob Dylan , the Who , Frank Zappa , the Lovin' Spoonful , the Byrds and the Beach Boys , whose album Pet Sounds amazed and inspired McCartney.

Originating as a skiffle group, the Beatles quickly embraced s rock and roll and helped pioneer the Merseybeat genre, [] and their repertoire ultimately expanded to include a broad variety of pop music. Although the song "Yesterday" was not the first pop record to employ orchestral strings, it marked the group's first recorded use of classical music elements.

Gould observes: "The more traditional sound of strings allowed for a fresh appreciation of their talent as composers by listeners who were otherwise allergic to the din of drums and electric guitars. The band's stylistic range expanded in another direction with their B-side "Rain", described by Martin Strong as "the first overtly psychedelic Beatles record". Innovation was the most striking feature of their creative evolution, according to music historian and pianist Michael Campbell: "'A Day in the Life' encapsulates the art and achievement of the Beatles as well as any single track can.

It highlights key features of their music: the sound imagination, the persistence of tuneful melody, and the close coordination between words and music. It represents a new category of song — more sophisticated than pop There literally had never before been a song — classical or vernacular — that had blended so many disparate elements so imaginatively.

Author Dominic Pedler describes the way they crossed musical styles: "Far from moving sequentially from one genre to another as is sometimes conveniently suggested the group maintained in parallel their mastery of the traditional, catchy chart hit while simultaneously forging rock and dabbling with a wide range of peripheral influences from country to vaudeville.

One of these threads was their take on folk music, which would form such essential groundwork for their later collisions with Indian music and philosophy. George Martin 's close involvement in his role as producer made him one of the leading candidates for the informal title of the " fifth Beatle ". Collaborating with Lennon and McCartney required Martin to adapt to their different approaches to songwriting and recording. MacDonald comments, "while [he] worked more naturally with the conventionally articulate McCartney, the challenge of catering to Lennon's intuitive approach generally spurred him to his more original arrangements, of which ' Being for the Benefit of Mr.

Compared with Paul's songs, all of which seemed to keep in some sort of touch with reality, John's had a psychedelic, almost mystical quality On the other hand, I would be stupid to pretend that drugs didn't figure quite heavily in the Beatles' lives at that time Not only was I not into it myself, I couldn't see the need for it; and there's no doubt that, if I too had been on dope, Pepper would never have been the album it was. Perhaps it was the combination of dope and no dope that worked, who knows?

Harrison echoed Martin's description of his stabilising role: "I think we just grew through those years together, him as the straight man and us as the loonies; but he was always there for us to interpret our madness — we used to be slightly avant-garde on certain days of the week, and he would be there as the anchor person, to communicate that through the engineers and on to the tape.

Making innovative use of technology while expanding the possibilities of recorded music, the Beatles urged experimentation by Martin and his recording engineers. Seeking ways to put chance occurrences to creative use, accidental guitar feedback, a resonating glass bottle, a tape loaded the wrong way round so that it played backwards — any of these might be incorporated into their music. Along with innovative studio techniques such as sound effects , unconventional microphone placements, tape loops, double tracking and vari-speed recording, the Beatles augmented their songs with instruments that were unconventional in rock music at the time.

These included string and brass ensembles as well as Indian instruments such as the sitar in "Norwegian Wood" and the swarmandal in "Strawberry Fields Forever". Former Rolling Stone associate editor Robert Greenfield compared the Beatles to Picasso , as "artists who broke through the constraints of their time period to come up with something that was unique and original They not only sparked the British Invasion of the US, [] they became a globally influential phenomenon as well.

Their musical innovations and commercial success inspired musicians worldwide. According to Gould, the Beatles changed the way people listened to popular music and experienced its role in their lives. From what began as the Beatlemania fad, the group's popularity grew into what was seen as an embodiment of sociocultural movements of the decade. As icons of the s counterculture , Gould continues, they became a catalyst for bohemianism and activism in various social and political arenas, fuelling movements such as women's liberation , gay liberation and environmentalism.

Other commentators such as Mikal Gilmore and Todd Leopold have traced the inception of their socio-cultural impact earlier, interpreting even the Beatlemania period, particularly on their first visit to the US, as a key moment in the development of generational awareness.

The Beatles were like aliens dropped into the United States of This date has direct relation to the opening of The Cavern Club in The Beatles have a core catalogue consisting of 13 studio albums and one compilation.

Through , the Beatles' catalogue was published almost exclusively by Northern Songs Ltd , a company formed in February by music publisher Dick James specifically for Lennon and McCartney, though it later acquired songs by other artists. Five million shares were created, of which the original principals retained 3. James and Silver each received , shares Of the 1. Harrison created Harrisongs to represent his Beatles compositions, but signed a three-year contract with Northern Songs that gave it the copyright to his work through March , which included " Taxman " and " Within You Without You ".

The acquisition gave him control over the publishing rights to more than Beatles songs, as well as 40, other copyrights. The merger made the new company, then valued at over half a billion dollars, the third-largest music publisher in the world. Under US copyright law, for works published before the author can reclaim copyrights assigned to a publisher after 56 years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Beatle. English rock band. This article is about the band.

For their eponymous album, see The Beatles album. For other uses, see The Beatles disambiguation. For the insect, see beetle. For other uses, see Fab Four disambiguation.

Rock pop. Parlophone Apple Capitol. Main article: Beatlemania. Sample of " She Loves You ". The song's repeated use of "yeah" exclamations became a signature phrase for the group at the time. Sample of "Norwegian Wood" from Rubber Soul Harrison's use of a sitar on this song is representative of the Beatles' incorporation of unconventional instrumentation into rock music. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first — rock 'n' roll or Christianity.

Sample of " Eleanor Rigby " from Revolver The album involves innovative compositional approaches, arrangements and recording techniques. This song, primarily written by McCartney, prominently features classical strings in a novel fusion of musical styles. See also: Collaborations between ex-Beatles. Lennon in and McCartney in See also: Lennon—McCartney. See also: Recording practices of the Beatles. Main article: Cultural impact of the Beatles.

See also: List of awards and nominations received by the Beatles. Further information: List of members of bands featuring members of the Beatles.

Main article: The Beatles discography. Main article: The Beatles in film. Main article: List of the Beatles' live performances. We know what we mean by them. But in a week someone else says something about it, and you can't deny it. You put your own meaning at your own level to our songs. It was speculated that he was concerned that the band might not renew his management contract, due to expire in October, over discontent with his supervision of business matters, particularly regarding Seltaeb , the company that handled their US merchandising rights.

The independently issued album compiled recordings made during the group's Hamburg residency , taped on a basic recording machine using only one microphone.

Retrieved 8 January Archived from the original on 30 May Retrieved 21 December CBS News. Archived from the original on 6 August Retrieved 28 June Rolling Stone.

Archived from the original on 19 February Retrieved 19 February Archived from the original on 25 September Retrieved 23 September Archived from the original on 14 February Retrieved 17 February Greenling Institute. Archived from the original on 20 February Huffington Post. Archived from the original on 16 May The Independent. Archived from the original on 13 May Retrieved 13 May Strawberry Fields.

Archived from the original on 12 April Retrieved 12 April Guinness World Records. Archived from the original on 10 September

One day the bank just went - ploomp! Francisco Laranjo is a graphic designer based in London UK and Porto Portugal His writings have been published in Design Ob server Eye Grafik among others He is the editor of the design criticism journal Modes of Criticism Jain: Our work investigates how emerging technologies influence our worlds. Taking time out from the live circuit, the trio headed to Vancouver to record their second album, once again returning to Jesse Gander Japandroids, White Lung, Baptists at his Rain City Recordings studio in September RAISE Gotta get back to the gig at the Old Same LP). Imagined in London Handmade in LP) Paired with the finest Zeiss lenses and backed by world-class optical technology. It seems the administration is belatedly realizing that the way to stay alive is to gather in all these satellite programs and offices to replace all the stuff they had cut out early on before the property tax levy that established the LAFCO. But we also got key lime calimari. Cheap Trick - The Flame (Vinyl), Futtermans Rule - Beastie Boys - Ill Communication (Vinyl, LP, Album), Help Me Understand You - Jimmy Lewis - Its Getting Harder (CD, Album), Molique - Gilberto And His Musicabana Orchestra - Cha Cha Cha (Vinyl, LP, Album), 3° Mov.: Rondo (Allegro) Sitemap


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Zappa photo by Bruce Linton, courtesy Universal Music. Gregory Isaacs — Night Nurse Island Zero G Sound. Lola Vandaag. Tsapiky Madagascar. African Grooves. No Condition Is Permanent. Don't Ask Me Duff means worthless. If you have a ska or reggae release that you'd like me to consider reviewing, please send an e-mail to Steve at duffguidetoska gmail. You should know that we I am old school and prefer music in tangible formats plus I might use your music when I DJ ska events.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Cavanaugh, booked the band to play at Flint 's Capitol Theater. The supporting act was MC5 , who had just briefly reunited and agreed to play at the event. Their reputation, however, managed to survive the punk upheavals of the late s, and they maintained a cult following in the UK throughout this time. The release of Powerage marked the debut of bassist Cliff Williams, and with its harder riffs , followed the blueprint set by Let There Be Rock.

The major breakthrough in the band's career came in their collaboration with producer "Mutt" Lange on a sixth album Highway to Hell , released in As began, the band began work on a new album that would eventually become Back in Black , but Bon Scott would not live to see the project being finished.

On 19 February , Scott passed out in the car on the way back to friend Alistair Kinnear's house after a night of heavy drinking at the Music Machine club in London. Upon arrival at his home, Kinnear was unable to move Scott from the car into his home for the night, so he left him in the car overnight to sleep off the effects of the alcohol. Unable to wake Scott late the next morning, Kinnear rushed him to King's College Hospital in Camberwell, where Scott was pronounced dead on arrival.

Pulmonary aspiration of vomit was the cause of Scott's death, [ 34 ] and the official cause was listed as " acute alcohol poisoning " and "death by misadventure". Inconsistencies in the official accounts of Scott's death have been cited in conspiracy theories, which suggest that Scott died of a heroin overdose, or was killed by exhaust fumes redirected into the car, or that Kinnear did not exist. Bon had mentioned that he had been in England once touring with a band and he had mentioned that Brian had been in a band called Geordie and Bon had said 'Brian Johnson, he was a great rock and roll singer in the style of Little Richard.

I think when he saw Brian at that time, to Bon it was 'Well he's a guy that knows what rock and roll is all about. I suppose when we decided to continue, Brian was the first name that Malcolm and myself came up with, so we said we should see if we can find him.

The band split with Lange for their self-produced album, Flick of the Switch , in an effort to recover the rawness and simplicity of their early albums.

Amid rumours of alcoholism and drug-induced paranoia, drummer Phil Rudd 's friendship with Malcolm Young deteriorated and, after a long period of unfriendliness, the men's dislike for each other grew so strong that they fought. Rudd was fired two hours after the fight. Wilson was drafted in to help complete the recordings, but his drum parts were eventually not used. Fly on the Wall , produced by the Young brothers in , was also regarded as uninspired and directionless.

In , the group returned to the charts with the made-for-radio " Who Made Who ". The group recorded nineteen songs, choosing ten for the final release; though the album was later criticised for containing excessive " filler ", [ 48 ] it was a commercial success. That April, following live appearances across Europe, Malcolm Young announced that he was taking time off from touring, principally to begin recovery from his alcoholism.

Another member of the Young family, Stevie Young , temporarily took Malcolm's place. Following the tour, Wright left the group to work on the upcoming Dio album Lock Up the Wolves , and was replaced by session veteran Chris Slade.

Johnson was unavailable for several months while finalising his divorce, [ 18 ] so the Young brothers wrote all the songs for the next album, a practice they continued for all subsequent releases through Black Ice in Released in , it was a major comeback for the band, and included the hits " Thunderstruck " and " Are You Ready ", which reached 5 and 16 respectively on Billboard ' s Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart, and " Moneytalks ", which peaked at 23 on the Billboard Hot Several shows on the Razors Edge tour were recorded for the live album, titled Live.

Live was produced by Fairbairn, and is considered one of the best live albums of the s. In , Angus and Malcolm invited Rudd to several jam sessions.

He was eventually rehired to replace Slade, whose amicable departure arose in part because of the band's strong desire to again work with Rudd. The first single from the album was " Hard as a Rock ".

Here is a photograph. This was also the final studio album to feature drummer Simon Wright. A smash commercial success that returned the band to the popularity of its glory years between the mids and early s. Groove for days. In their original review, Rolling Stone magazine declared it to be their Album) album. Books on the topic may also help address uncomfortable questions. Italics Mine. After the song's initial success inWaters recorded several live and new studio versions. Besten II - Ultima Thule (2) - Lejonet Från Norden (CD, Album), Over The Hills And Far Away - Led Zeppelin - Rocky Mountain Hop (CD), Me, My Shelf And I (Part 2), Niin Kuin Mä - Nopsajalka - Mun (File, MP3, Album) Sitemap