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Page said on Oct. Louis County police Sgt. Keith Wildhaber leaves county court on Oct. Louis County police. Gender discrimination is prohibited under state law. The jury sided with Wildhaber. Louis and other cities are casting around for other ways to stem the tide of blood. GOP Gov. Mike Parson, to his credit, has agreed to help push limited legislation that could keep guns away from minors and domestic abusers.

Still, anything is better than nothing. This year, more than a dozen of the victims have been minors. The system is so permissive that it makes it difficult for St. Louis police to legally confront gunmen until they start shooting. Even as the Missouri GOP has put our state at the front lines of the national abortion debate, demanding protection for the unborn, it continues to allow a tide of unregulated guns to engulf our cities, killing the recently born and tying the hands of our local officials to do anything about it.

The mayors are also pushing for increased funding for witness-protection programs, which could help police get to the bottom of more shootings. Louis desperately needs to address this crisis. Children are dying. Not only could these men and women specifically and correctly enunciate terms, names and concepts, they also had clear memories tied to proof and reality about who said what, when and where it was said, and what those people meant.

These people, professionals all, said in calm, clear words more than the politicians who yelled, ranted and raged about in these hearings. These people are the true adults in the room serving the nation, despite the bitter partisan tactics used by their duly elected representatives.

These professionals restored my faith in our form of government with their judgment, communication skills and knowledge. What a sad thought I had recently: Should I order a political sign to put in my yard? This is what our politics has done to our peace of mind and our ability to express our opinions without retaliation.

Democrats take process seriously; GOP mocks it as joke I hope many people watched the impeachment hearings. The Democrats are calm and reasonable as they seek the truth, pointing out what needs to be as they try to stay on topic. Am I the only one who saw the impeachment hearings as Democrats trying to solve problems and Republicans not accepting the constitutional process of impeachment to be valid at all?

Not one Republican seemed to ask for facts on whether President Donald Trump was involved in bribing the Ukrainians by withholding aid. Instead, they brought up Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton while calling the hearing a dog-and-pony show. It is also disheartening to turn on Fox News and listen to hour after hour of attacks against the Democratic Party. What could be fair and balanced about that? Not one American wants to see taxpayer money favoring one party over another.

Democracy and our republic must stand, so the rest of the world may hope for justice. Let us unite and find justice, both Republicans and Democrats. We want the same things in our leaders: truth and justice. One party should not be bad and the other good. Thinking like that divides us when we need to be together. Louis County. His accomplishments in changing America are unparalleled.

Consider these presidential firsts: He corrected the electoral process by proving the election was rigged and that fraudulent votes were cast for Hillary Clinton.

He treated immigrants with appropriate disdain while restricting their due process rights. He has taken money from governors and foreign officials staying at his hotels. He offered to host the G-7 summit at his resort. He sided with Russia against his own intelligence services.

He praised dictator Kim Jong Un who has subjected his people to crushing poverty and famine. He held up his National Security Council professional staff to public ridicule. He pressured the elected leader of a foreign nation to collect dirt on a political opponent. What other president has accomplished all this? The answer is simple: no president, ever. What remarkable accomplishments. I mean president. Josh Hawley supported Senate Res. We can head into a season of feasting, knowing that he has taken a stand to help mothers and baHawley bies around the world suffering from malnutrition.

Almost half of all deaths in children under age 5 are linked to some form of malnutrition. I thank the senator for listening to his constituents and non-profit organizations devoted to fighting malnutrition and poverty around the world. Roy Blunt should join his colleague and show leadership by supporting this bi-partisan resolution. Louis MO letters post-dispatch. Please include your name, address and phone number. All letters are subject to editing.

Writers usually will not be published more than once every 60 days. Supreme Court to require Missouri to continue funding school integration. Access the full item at stltoday. Good intentions, harmful outcomes code enforcement was part of the draw, part of why Ferguson became a destination suburb for successful African Americans and a majority African American city. Ferguson was forced to change its occupancy permit requirements and could no longer coordinate police and code enforcement.

Ferguson was no longer allowed to jail recalcitrant landlords, and fines were significantly reduced. The consent decree stripped Ferguson of many of the tools it used to keep its neighborhoods nice. The consent decree has been in force for three years, and its impact is clear.

The creeping blight that undermined many of the surrounding communities has appeared in Ferguson. If you drive through parts of Ferguson, you will see rundown, poorly maintained houses, some boarded up. Ferguson is hurting. When the Fair Housing Act invalidated racially restrictive housing covenants, many communities responded with a new wave of occupancy and property-maintenance requirements.

It was a subtle way of institutionalizing racial segregation. The city absolutely had a reputation for strict enforcement of housing codes, but there was no suggestion that Ferguson was applying housing codes in a discriminatory manner.

But it turns out there are plenty of middle class African Americans just as obsessed with their lawns and property values as white residents.

The blight is concentrated in the less expensive, primarily African American neighborhoods. This is the irony of the changes the Justice Department forced on Ferguson.

One of our legacies of racism is the significant disparity in wealth between white and African American families. For most Americans, their wealth is their home equity. All residents of a neighborhood have to maintain their property for values to rise. A few decrepit properties can become a cancer, causing appraisers to lower values and dissuading people from buying houses in the neighborhood.

Now, the consent decree keeps Ferguson from being able to fight creeping blight. American neighborhoods have seen their home equity, and yes their quality of life, decline. Many are underwater on their mortgages and not able to move.

When the consent decree initially came up for a vote, every Ferguson councilperson, African American and white, voted against signing — it was that potentially damaging to the city. We are there. Improved police transparency has made Ferguson a better city. But the part of the decree that dealt with housing is causing significant harm to the city and its residents. Ferguson is hoping the Justice Department lives up to its word and allows the consent decree to be modified to address this harm.

Blake Ashby is an entrepreneur living in Ferguson. Why did it take so long for insiders to speak up? Anyone with information no longer has option of silence. But the truth is that they should have come forward long ago, rather than wait for a crisis or a subpoena to compel them to speak. One wonders when they ever did share such an understanding. Thanks to Trump, we are now a nation that gives special treatment to criminal soldiers.

Was this really his first inkling that Trump lacked a moral center? Was it his first hint that Trump was unfit to be commander in chief? If not, why did he remain silent? I could ask the same questions about the other witnesses who have testified in the impeachment inquiry. I applaud their willingness to appear despite orders from the Trump administration not to do so. I appreciate their care in keeping records of the events and conversations they describe.

I salute their candor. But I wonder why it took a still-anonymous whistleblower to launch the process of holding Trump accountable. I wonder why it took so long for administration insiders to begin telling us what they know. And I wonder about all of those who have yet to speak. I mean Bolton, for one. We know from press reports that he has signed a big-money book deal, presumably a tellall account of his time in the. Trump White House. How can he, in conscience, refuse to share whatever pertinent information he has with the impeachment inquiry?

Does he really want his legacy to be that he cared more about selling books and raking in big speaking fees than about serving the nation? There is no shortage of onetime administration officials who hint darkly at the danger Trump poses to our national security — former chief of staff John Kelly, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis — yet refuse to speak plainly.

Are they afraid of Trump, for some reason? Do they feel some sense of loyalty to a man who obviously has no loyalty to them? Literally from Day One, when former press secretary Sean Spicer was sent out to lie about the inaugural crowd size, working for the Trump administration has been a moral slippery slope. I applaud the desire of officials to serve their country, and I believe I understand how they could rationalize staying on as Trump repeatedly betrayed American values.

Without them, perhaps, the betrayals would have been worse. But their duty was always to the Constitution, not to Donald J. Whether present or former officials like it or not, Trump is now the subject of an impeachment inquiry. The stakes for our democracy could not be higher. Refusing to testify or speak publicly may not violate any law. But history, I am quite sure, will take a much harsher view. Eugene Robinson eugenerobinson washpost.

Well, they should figure it out among themselves. The most successful intelligence operations are not only destructive but deniable. How does Putin measure his success? Well, there is the July 25 call between the presidents of America and Ukraine in which Donald Trump regurgitated the fabricated Russian charge. That was quite a coup. And then there is the case of Sen. John Neely Kennedy, R-La. We know that Russian military intelligence broke into Democratic Party computers and stole damaging information.

We know this information was selectively revealed to bloggers, political operatives and the media, with the goal of harming Democratic candidates including Hillary Clinton. We know that Russian agents hacked state election boards, and weaponized social media to feed American social divisions.

The president clearly views any admission that Russia aided his victory as a concession of electoral illegitimacy. But this comes in the context of a broader deference to Russian influence in Ukraine, the rest of Europe and the Middle East that indicates some deeper motive. Or is some private interest at work? Politicians such as Kennedy must know the truth about Russian aggression.

But still they choose to suck up to the president by reflecting his manias and sharing his blind spots. Loyalty to Trump among Republicans is proved by the loosening of all other loyalties — to truth, to honesty and to the national good. By this measure, Kennedy is profoundly loyal to the president.

Whatever the reasons, the results have been galling. The infrastructure of American democracy was essentially bombed by a foreign power. And the president has responded by giving the attacker an alibi. Success in the Cold War eventually required seriousness about Soviet aims — particularly its desire to dominate its neighbors, to sow discord and chaos in the democratic West, and to exercise global influence at American expense.

While Russia has become more frankly tsarist in political orientation, these goals have remained the same — to dominate neighbors such as Ukraine, to sow chaos in American and European elections, and to contest American influence in regions across the world. Now, however, it is portions of the right that downplay Russian influence and suppress evidence of Russian crimes. And for what? To serve the endless vanity of our own bargain-basement Putin. Of all the flips by the GOP in the Trump era, this ranks among the most extraordinary.

And disappointing. And disgraceful. The accommodation of Russian aggression serves as an embossed, White House invitation for future interference. And it reveals a Republican administration and party determined to end, not with a bang, but a simper. Michael Gerson michaelgerson washpost. Mass of Christian Burial Sat. Private burial. For info www. Asleep in Jesus Sunday, November 24, Isaiah - "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Interment Sunset Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Lutheran South Baseball Program.

For more info see Schrader. November 22, , Charles, MO Contact or visit baue. Baptized into the Hope of Christ's Resurrection. Beloved wife of the late Martin J. Foeller; beloved mother of the late William B. Foeller; dear sister of the late William Burcke; dear aunt, cousin and friend to many. Jefferson St. Interment Sacred Heart Cemetery. Visitation p. Catherine St. Online guestbook at www. Lee is survived by his wife of 65 years, Lois M. He was preceded in death by his parents, Marvin and Telsa nee Edmunds Fridley.

He honorably served his country and retired from the Naval Reserves. He was a longtime member of Harmony formerly Stephan Memorial and St. Andrew United Methodist Churches. Louis, MO Hanley Rd.

Interment J. National Cemetery. Visitation Friday, p. In lieu of flowers, please consider donations to Greater St. Services: Saturday, Nov. Visitation a. Memorial 11 a. First Baptist Ferguson N.

Florissant Rd. Passed away November 25 in her sleep with family at her side. She was the wife of the late Sanford A. She was a much-loved teacher in the Ladue School District for many years and prided herself in educating students who later became professionals. Services: Funeral service, Wednesday, November 27, p. Sinai Cemetery Mausoleum, Gravois Road. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to former St.

Jerry was born in St. Louis, Stanton, Phyllis A. Missouri on March 22,, son of 77, November 23, Visitation Sat. Jerry was the youngest of five www. Beloved husband of Jerry's life was wholly committed to serving his Carole A. The enzyme-free detection of glucose is becoming more popular in order to overcome the disadvantages of glucose sensors based on immobilized glucose oxidase.

The enzyme-free detection of glucose is associated with several advantages such as fabrication and storage conditions that are cheap and simple, no enzyme denaturation and degradation, and the sensors have more stability towards higher temperatures, pH and more resistance to toxic chemicals which could reduce the working performance of enzyme-based glucose sensors [ 39 , 40 ].

Non-enzymatic glucose sensors have been fabricated using different nanomaterials, including metals and metal oxides such as Pt [ 30 ], Cu 2 O [ 41 ], RuO 2 [ 42 ], NiO [ 43 — 45 ], Co 3 O 4 [ 46 ], MnO 2 [ 47 ] and CuO nanoparticle-modified carbon nanotube electrodes [ 48 ].

Among these nanomaterials, copper and copper oxide-based electrodes for the sensing of glucose are largely used because of the direct electro-oxidation of glucose on the copper and CuO which is further increased by the multi electron oxidation by the surface oxide layer [ 49 ].

The copper and CuO nanomaterials are cost effective, non-toxic in some cases, and simple to synthesize. They possess high specific capacitance, and hence are considered suitable materials for the sensing of glucose. The morphology has a large impact on the catalytic properties of copper and CuO nanomaterials, Compton et al.

Recently, several morphologies of copper and CuO have been synthesized and potentially applied for the electrochemical and catalytic purposes [ 51 ], however morphologies with enhanced catalytic performance are still needed. In the present work, a novel CuO morphology was synthesized in a highly alkaline medium and the resulting novel CuO nanostructures were used for the development of an enzyme-free glucose sensor.

The non-enzymatic glucose sensor based on these novel CuO nanosheets is highly sensitive, selective, stable and reproducible. Copper nitrate hemipentahydrate, hexamethylenetetramine, D-glucose, ascorbic acid, uric acid, fructose, dopamine, ammonia solution, nitric acid, were purchased from Sigma Aldrich Stockholm, Sweden. All other chemicals used were of analytical grade. The gold layer on the glass substrate was deposited according to our reported work [ 52 ]. CuO nanostructures were grown on the gold layer-coated glass substrate by a hydrothermal growth technique and the growth process was as follows: the gold coated glass substrate was washed with isopropanol in an ultrasonic bath for 10 min and cleaned with deionized water and subsequently dried with a flow of air at room temperature.

The growth solution was prepared by mixing equimolar concentrations of copper nitrate hemipentahydrate and hexamethylenetetramine in mL of the deionized water. The pH 11 of growth solution was adjusted by using 0. The structural characterization was carried using scanning electron microscopy and X-ray differaction techniques.

For the measurement of electrochemical responses, CuO nanostructures were used as working electrode, platinum wire as counter electrode and silver-silver chloride as reference electrode by using the potentiostat. All the glucose sensing experiments were performed at room temperature and in alkaline 0. The synthesized CuO nanosheets are purely composed of monoclinic crystalline phase and the obtained diffraction peaks are in accordance with the reported standard JCPDS card no: Meanwhile no other diffraction peaks for impurities are detected, which confirms the high purity of the as-synthesized CuO nanosheets in the present study.

Scanning electron microscopy was used for the study of the morphology of the prepared CuO nanostructures. It can be inferred that the nanostructures appeared like as interconnected nanosheets having an average thickness of 10—20 nm. The high magnification SEM image clearly shows the interconnection of several nanosheets of CuO as shown in Figure 2 b. The CuO nanostructures obtained in the growth solution of pH 11 could be due to higher concentration of hydroxide ions in the growth solution which improved the speed of the formation process of nanosheets by providing plenty of growth nuclei for the CuO nanomaterial.

This process of aggregation of opposite charges ends with the formation of CuO nanomaterial. The obtained information indicates that NH 3. H 2 O has a significant influence on the morphology, number of nuclei of CuO and the connectivity of various nanosheets.

Figure 3 a shows the combined XPS spectrum for the elements present in the prepared sample and it can be inferred those three distinct peaks at Moreover, the measured peaks at In the O 1 s spectrum, two peaks have been observed which can be assigned to the O 2- in CuO at For Cu 2p, the measured peak at In addition to this, two shake up peaks demonstrate the formation of CuO compound on the gold coated glass substrate by the hydrothermal method as shown in Figure 3 c.

In order to obtain a better understanding of the oxidation process the voltametric response CVs as a function of the scan rate was investigated. As it can be seen the sensor electrode showed linear response with the square root of the scan rates Figure 4 which indicates that the process is diffusion dependent. Calibration curve of the current versus different scan rate measured in 1.

The cyclic voltametric response of the CuO nanosheet-based electrode for different glucose concentrations is shown in Figure 5. As it can be seen from this figure, the addition of increasing concentrations of glucose in the electrolyte solution 0. The amperometric detection of glucose oxidation was studied at the applied potential of 0. It can be observed that the amperometric response was found to be linear for the 5.

The calibration curve of the proposed CuO nanosheets based sensor is shown in Figure 6 a and the measured sensitivity and a correlation coefficient are in order of 5. Alinejad, A. Youssefi, and M. Comini, G. Faglia, G. Sberveglieri, Z. Pan, and Z. Kolmakov, Y. Zhang, G. Cheng, and M. Kolmakov, D. Klenov, Y. Lilach, S. Stemmer, and M. View at: Google Scholar E.

Comini, C. Baratto, G. Faglia, M. Ferroni, A. Vomiero, and G. Rao and X. Liu, Y. Hu, F. Gu, J. Ma, and C. Leite, I. Weber, E. Longo, and J. Chakraborty, A. Sen, and H. Vaishampayan, R. Deshmukh, P. Walke, and I. Bilovol, A. Mudarra Navarro, C. Sambasivam, B. Choi, and J. Sharma, M. Varshney, S.

Kumar, and R. View at: Google Scholar K. Melghit and K. View at: Google Scholar H. Kammler, L. Takehara, M. Fujiwara, M. Arikawa, M. Diener, and J. Tok, F. Boey, S. Du, and B. Miller, S. Air quality standards and control technologies B. Solid and Hazardous Waste Engineering A. Solid waste engineering B. Hazardous waste engineering C. Site remediation D. Geohydrology E. Environmental Science and Management A. Industrial and occupational health and safety B.

Radiological health and safety C. Radioactive waste management D. Environmental monitoring and sampling E. Pollution prevention and waste minimization G. Types and breakdown of costs e.

Accounting financial statements and overhead cost allocation E. Cost estimating F. Depreciation and taxes G. Probability and Statistics A. Combinatorics e. Sampling distributions, sample sizes, and statistics e. Estimation point estimates, confidence intervals F. Hypothesis testing G.

Regression linear, multiple H. System reliability single components, parallel and series systems I. Design of experiments e. Modeling and Computation A. Algorithm and logic development e. Spreadsheets C. Databases e. Decision theory e. Optimization modeling decision variables, objective functions, and constraints F.

Linear programming e. Math programming network, integer, dynamic, transportation, assignment H. Stochastic models e. Simulation e. Industrial Management A. Principles e. Organizational structure e. Motivation theories e. Job evaluation and compensation E. Manufacturing and Production Systems A. Manufacturing systems e. Process design e. Inventory analysis e.

Forecasting E. Scheduling e. Aggregate planning e. Concurrent engineering and design for manufacturing H. Automation concepts e. Economics e. Facilities and Logistics A. Flow measurements and analysis e. Layouts e. Location analysis e. Process capacity analysis e. Supply chain design e. Methods analysis e. Time study e. Workstation design D. Work sampling E. Learning curves F. Productivity measures G.

Environmental stress assessment e. Design of tasks, tools, displays, controls, user interfaces, etc. Quality A. Total quality management theory e. Management and planning tools e. Control charts D. Process capability and specifications E. Sampling plans F. Design of experiments for quality improvement G. Mechanical Design and Analysis A. Stress analysis e. Failure theories e. Failure analysis e. Deformation and stiffness E. Components e. Power transmission e.

Joining e. Manufacturability e. Quality and reliability J. Mechanical systems e. Kinematics, Dynamics, and Vibrations A. Kinematics of mechanisms B. Dynamics of mechanisms C. Rigid body dynamics D. Natural frequency and resonance E. Balancing of rotating and reciprocating equipment F. Forced vibrations e.

Materials and Processing A. Mechanical and thermal properties e. Manufacturing processes e. Thermal processing e. Materials selection e. Surface conditions e. Testing e. Measurements, Instrumentation, and Controls A. Mathematical fundamentals e. System descriptions e. Sensors and signal conditioning e.

Data collection and processing e. Dynamic responses e. Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion Processes A.

Ideal and real gases B. Thermodynamic equilibrium D. Psychrometrics E. Performance of components F. Cycles and processes e. Combustion and combustion products H.

Energy storage I. Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery A. Fluid statics B. Incompressible flow C. Fluid transport systems e. Fluid machines: incompressible e. Compressible flow F. Fluid machines: compressible e. Operating characteristics e. Conduction B. Convection C. Radiation D. Composite walls and insulation E. Transient and periodic processes F. Heat exchangers G. Cycles B. Heating and cooling loads e. Psychrometric charts D. Coefficient of performance E. Advanced Engineering Mathematics A.

Differential equations B. Partial differential calculus C. Numerical solutions e. Linear algebra E. Vector analysis II. Sample distributions and sizes B. Design of experiments C. Hypothesis testing D. Goodness of fit coefficient of correlation, chi square E. Biology A. Cellular biology e. Toxicology e. Industrial hygiene [e. Bioprocessing e. Cost estimating B. Project selection C. Replacement analysis e. Application of Engineering Mechanics A. Stability analysis of beams, trusses, and frames B.

Deflection analysis C. Failure theory e. Engineering of Materials A. Material properties of: 1. Fluids A. Laminar and turbulent flow C. Flow measurement E. Pumps, turbines, and compressors H.

Equivalent circuits Norton, Thevenin B. AC circuits frequency domain C. Network analysis Kirchhoff laws D. RLC circuits E. Sensors and instrumentation F. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer A. Equations of state ideal and real gases D. Conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer E.

Mass and energy balances F. Tables of thermodynamic properties H. Phase equilibrium and phase change J. Thermodynamic equilibrium K. Combustion and combustion products e. Psychrometrics e. Do all scratch work in your exam booklet. In the USCS system of units, both force and mass are called pounds. Therefore, one must distinguish the pound-force lbf from the pound-mass lbm. The pound-force is that force which accelerates one pound-mass at The expression Similar expressions exist for other quantities.

In all these examples, gc should be regarded as a unit conversion factor. It is frequently not written explicitly in engineering equations. However, its use is required to produce a consistent set of units. If the problem is presented in USCS units, it may be necessary to use the constant gc in the equation to have a consistent set of units. Appleton-Century Co. The element aij refers to row i and column j. Transpose The matrix B is the transpose of the matrix A if each entry bji in B is the same as the entry aij in A and conversely.

The dot product is a scalar product and represents the projection of B onto A times A. In any determinant, the minor of a given element is the determinant that remains after all of the elements are struck out that lie in the same row and in the same column as the given element.

Consider an element which lies in the jth column and the ith row. If n is greater than 1, the value of a determinant of order n is the sum of the n products formed by multiplying each element of some specified row or column by its cofactor.

This sum is called the expansion of the determinant [according to the elements of the specified row or column ]. If the differences are equal, the series is arithmetic. The first term is a. The common difference is d. The number of terms is n. The last or nth term is l. The sum of n terms is S. If the quotients are equal, the series is geometric.

The common ratio is r. Properties of Series n! Two power series may be added, subtracted, or multiplied, and the resulting series in each case is convergent, at least, in the interval common to the two series. Using the process of long division as for polynomials , two power series may be divided one by the other within their common interval of convergence.

A power series may be differentiated term by term within its interval of convergence. The resulting series has the same interval of convergence as the original series except possibly at the end points of the series. Q3 Write a script for 30 sec social advertisement on the following theme in the interview format.

Write a script for 30 sec social advertisement on the following theme in the documentary format. Importance of voting in elections. Explain function of each block. State its applications. Explain its analysis in time and frequency domain.

Explain the role of microcontroller. Q2 Answer any two of the following: [10] a Discuss the advantages of serum-containing media over serum-free media, giving suitable examples. Q3 Answer any two of the following: [10] a What is callus culture?

Enlist the media used for callus culture and write the role of ingredients essential for callus formation and development. Elaborate with suitable examples. Q4 Answer any one of the following: [10] a Give a list of the therapeutic biomolecules manufactured on large scale using animal cells. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using animal cell cultures at industrial level.

Describe ideal properties of Ti plasmid as a vector. Elaborate with example of any one transgenic plant. Q4 Comment on the factors affecting storability of seeds and give the requirements of seed storage. What is seed processing? Describe in detail any two steps involved in seed processing. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.

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Description: TYBSc. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics Vol. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Total No. Q3 Attempt any two of the following : [10] a Prove that in a metric space every convergent sequence has a unique limit. Prove that 2 i S1, S3, S5, Find its kernal b The group Zm Zn is cyclic and isomorphic to Zmn if and only if m and n are relatively prime.

Q3 Attempt any two of the following : [10] a Explain the method of reduction of order. B Attempt any one of the following : [4] CD. Q3 Attempt any two of the following : [10] a Compare conditional operator with if - else statement.

Q1 Attempt any five of the following : [10] a Show that every finite lattice is complete lattice. Q1 Attempt any five of the following : [10] a Define elasticity of demand. Q1 Attempt all of the following one mark each : [10] a Draw neat diagram to show co-ordinate surfaces, lines in spherical polar co-ordinate system. Q3 Attempt any two five marks each : [10] a Calculate the Miller indices of crystal planes, which cut through the crystal axes at i 6a, 3b, 3c and ii 2a, 3b, 3c.

Calculate i Hall coefficient for Zinc and ii Electron density. Q1 Attempt all of the following one mark each : [10] a What path is traced by the particle when subjected to constant electric field perpendicular to the direction of motion of the charged particle.

Give are example. Q1 Attempt all of the following one mark each : [10] a What is flow-chart? Q1 Attempt all of the following one mark each : [10] a Explain the steady state theory. Q2 Attempt any two : a How is rotational period of a star obtained from its spectra?

Q4 a Attempt any one of the following : [8] i What is Ax-structure? Q1 Attempt all of the following one mark each : [10] a What are special lenses? Explain in brief. Q1 Attempt all of the following one mark each : [10] a Define Gibb's free energy.

Q3 Attempt any two Five marks each : [10] a Discuss the functional aspects of chloroplast. Explain the term : Nuclear detector. Q4 a Attempt any one : [8] i What are resting and action potentials?

Q1 Attempt all of the following one mark each : [10] a What are the conventional sources of energy? Q3 Attempt any two five marks each : [10] a With a neat diagram, discuss cabinet type solar dryer. Q4 a Attempt any one : [8] i With a suitable diagram, discuss the structure and characteristics of Sun. Q1 Attempt all of the following one mark each : [10] a What is total internal reflection? Q2 a Attempt any two of the following : [6] i Explain the half life method to determine the order of chemical reaction.

Q3 Attempt any two of the following : [10] a Describe moving boundary method to determine the transport number of an ion. Give their classification. Give its importance. Q4 a Attempt any two. Q3 Write Short notes on any two of the following [10] i Histological structure of adenohypophysis. Q4 Describe the histological structure of ileum. Q3 Write notes on any two of the following [10] a Conjugated proteins.

Describe any two factors affecting enzymatic activity. Q3 Write a notes on any two of the following [10] i Control of noise pollution. Q4 What is air pollution? Describe the sources and effects of air pollution. Q4 Give an account of process of repair. Add a note on primary healing. Q4 What is cancer? Describe intrinsic causes of cancer. Describe mitotic cell division. Q3 Write notes on: Any two [10] a Structure and Paragenesis of clay minerals.

Q3 Write notes on any two [10] a Describe Bowen's reaction Series. Q4 Describe in detail, the crystallisation of Ab - An - Di system. Q3 Answer in short any two [10] a What is provenance of sediments?

Q3 Answer the following any two [10] a Origin of fracture and bedding cleavages. Q1 Attempt each of the following : A Choose the correct alternative in each of the following : [1 each] i The maximum likelihood estimators are neccessarily, a Unbiased b Most efficient c Sufficient d Unique ii If T is consistent estimator of q then f T is consistent for f q if f is, a linear and continuous function b continuous function c linear function d continuous but not linear iii Pitman - Koopman form of probability distribution is used to determine estimator of the parameter which is, a sufficient b efficient c unbiased d consistent P.

Q4 Attempt any one of the following: a i Write a note on plot of residuals against the fitted values. Q2 Write short notes any two : [10] a Nature of Human Geography. Q3 Answer the following questions in words any two : [10] a Describe the Evolution of Man. Q4 Answer the following questions in words any one : [10] a Differentiate between the various human races on the basis of their physical traits. Q1 Answer the following questions in two or three sentences any ten : [10] a Who is the father of tourism?

Q1 Answer the following questions in two or three sentences any ten : [10] a What do you understand by the term information? Q1 Answer the following questions in two to three sentences any ten : [10] a Define soil. Q1 Answer the following questions in two to three sentences any ten : [10] a Define remote sensing. B Match the pairs: [5] A B a Allosteric enzymes i Different enzyme catalyzing same reaction b Chemotrypsinogen ii Specific binding group c Isoenzyme iii Determination of protein structure d X-ray crystallography iv Multiple binding sites e Ligand v Requires proteolytic cleavage P.

D Define : Allograft [1] P. Q1 Attempt the following: [10] a What is the criteria for patenting? Q3 Comment on any two: [10] a Concept of clean milk. Q4 Attempt any one: [10] a Describe spoilage of canned food. Describe milk-borne diseases in brief. Q1 Attempt all of the following: a Write the importance of state assignment technique. Q1 Attempt all of the following: a What are the advantages of guarding techniques?

Q1 Attempt all of the following: a Define crystal. Q3 Attempt any two of the following: a Explain direct and indirect semiconductor. Explain it. Q1 Answer all of the following: a Explain strcmp function. Q2 Answer any two of the following: a Write algorithm to arrange n elements in descending order, using insertion sort algorithm.

Explain for loop with example. Q1 Attempt all of the following: a State any two advantages of optical fiber communication system over wired system. Q2 Attempt any two of the following: a Obtain expression for acceptance angle and NA with suitable schematic diagram of step index optical fibers. Q1 Attempt all of the following: a State any two types of co-operative societies.

Q1 Answer in 2 to 4 sentences each: [16] a What do you mean by containment policy? Q2 Answer in 8 to 10 sentences each any two : [8] a Explain objectives of Indias defence policy.

Q3 Write short notes on any two : [8] a Determinant factors of defence policy. Q4 Answer in 18 to 20 sentences any one : [8] a Explain Indias foreign policy towards neighboring countries.

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  1. Unfortunately, this book can't be printed from the OpenBook. If you need to print pages from this book, we recommend downloading it as a PDF. Visit bapccizorasiquatycmyaquicunniter.infoinfo to get more information about this book, to buy it in print, or to download it as a free PDF.
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  3. Sponsored By University of Pittsburgh In Cooperation With US Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory U.S. Environmental Protection Agency U.S. National Science Foundation Proceedings: •••^••i FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FIXED-FILM BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES April , Kings Island, Ohio Edited by Y.C. Wu, Ed D. Smith, R.D. Miller, and .
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  5. Microwaves in Organic Synthesis Edited by Andr Loupy Dr. Andr Loupy Laboratoire des R actions S lectives sur Supports Universit Paris-Sud bat. Orsay cedex France & .
  6. ZnO nanoparticles in the size range from 2 to 7 nm were prepared by addition of LiOH to an ethanolic zinc acetate solution. This method [Spanhel, L.; Anderson, M. A. J. Am. Chem. Soc. , , ] was modified and extended at several points. The synthesis of very small ZnO nuclei was simplified. It was found that aging of particles was governed by temperature, the water content, and the.
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