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But they Read more also suffer somewhat from a very large group's relatively narrow range of expressive nuance and limited flexibility in tempo and dynamics--which is true for the program in general. But this is an ensemble that makes its mark with sheer size and the abundant, beautiful, shimmering sound it creates as well as through the always intelligently chosen repertoire, which is invariably delivered with precision, clear diction, sincerity, and joy.

I'm not wild about the recording perspective, which gives odd prominence to the instruments on some tracks and really pumps up the resonance in Dallas' Meyerson Symphony Center. But these are well-thought-out, deliberate choices by the recording's producers, consistent with past productions, and fans of this celebrated choir will not object.

Brahms: Abendstandchen Caccini: Dona Nobis Pacem Whitacre: Lux Aurumque Eakin: Creator of the Universe Lauridsen: O Magnum Mysterium Morricone: Nella Fantasia Helmuth: How Sweet the Moonlight Don't let this rarity slip by!!! Super high amount of views. March 26th thru the 28th at all Harvey stores.

One for Dreyer's frozen yogurt, in which a crusty Miss Manners type abandons eti- quette education to dive in and slurp up the treat, draws mixed reviews. The egg is con- demned to death. Crowds outside the jail protest. The warden leers, "I hope he fries. News that eggs actually have 22 percent less cholesterol than be- lieved earns Humpty a reprieve. He's trun- dled outside, a free egg. The crowd goes wild. So do I. The "egg" dies in com- mittee, unrecognized.

Next door, judges are puzzled by a spot for National Bank showing old folks living it up. Discussion about Nasdaq's "In the wee small hours of the morning" mood piece answers a question that's dogged me: Why are they advertising? De- Vito is implacable, and this ad, too, disap- pears unheralded. After two days, there are 57 Grand Andy finalists — 31 print, 3 radio, and 23 TV, representing 27 commercials.

Soon, there are thirteen left. These are re-evalu- ated and voted on again, leaving three fi- nalists: a cardboard box for the Coalition for the Homeless "Something's wrong when Frigidaire and Westinghouse do a better job of housing the homeless than New York City" , Skeeter's "Eat. Fish" entry, and a low-budget "Fresh TV" spot for Chevys restaurants.

We call this fresh TV," says the narrator. We call this Fresh Mex. No one will know who won until the May 4 ceremony. But I found — with the exception of the Egg Board spot — that the cream does rise.

Es- pecially in a hot spot like Madrid. Why the sell-off? No mystery there, ei- ther. Investors have simply grown tired of a smooth-talking chief executive, jamcs D. But wait. There's no denying that it's fun to take a poke at a man whose record of corporate leadership looks less and less impressive the closer one examines it.

Yet Wall Street could be overdoing things. The shares of these firms had also been ham- mered by investor disenchantment with the men in the comer offices, only to spurt in value by anywhere from 25 percent to 70 percent once Wall Street spotted the opportunity created by its own overreac- tion. American Express is beginning to look like another such situation.

Unlike IBM and General Motors, whose businesses have steadily lost ground to lower-cost competi- tion, American Express enjoys a fundamen- tally sound core business: charge cards and traveler's checks. The problem has been management's failure to build and strength- en that core franchise in the face of intensi- fying competition, particularly from bank- cards like Visa, MasterCard, and now Sears 's Discover Card. All three have been chipping away at the "travel and entertainment" market that American Express once had pretty much to itself.

Yet rather than Fight back, Robinson has let himself get diverted time and again by diversification moves that mostly haven't panned out. Now Robinson seems at last to have realized that time has run out, and he's appointed Harvey Golub, the earthy, shirt-sleeves executive who headed American Express's IDS financial-plan- ning subsidiary, to rebuild American Ex- press's basic business of travel-related services.

With the economy finally be- ginning a slow and painful recovery, the wake-up call is coming at just the right time, and Wall Street analysts are begin- ning to ratchet up their earnings esti- mates for the company for the year ahead. Smith Barney has upgraded the stock from "avoid" to a "hold," and Argus Re- search now rates it a "buy.

American Express still has plenty of problems, in particular in its real-estate portfolio, which analysts say may face fur- ther write-downs in the months ahead.

Yet analysts like Murray at Argus also say there's an underappreciated positive side to American Express's current situation. Specifically, says Murray, the company stands to benefit — albeit in a surprising way — from falling consumer interest rates for Visa and MasterCard.

Those rates, which for many banks are still in the high teens, have nonetheless begun to drop lately as cries of price-gouging have arisen in Congress. One would think that lower interest rates for bankcards would increase the consumer appeal of such cards, and to a degree that might be true.

But thanks to the quirky economics of the credit-card business, the real beneficiary could turn out to be American Express, which doesn't charge interest to its customers on its non-revolving cards. Here's why Amex would benefit: In re- cent years, the company has lost market share to Visa and MasterCard, which have both charged merchants lower fees to use their cards than American Express does.

The bankcards have been able to make up the difference by charging sky-high inter- est rates to their own cardholders, an op- tion that American Express does not have. As a result, says Murray, falling inter- est rates to bankcard holders now means that Visa and MasterCard will soon be forced to raise their fees to merchants to make up the difference. That in turn will reduce or even eliminate the "differen- tial" that has encouraged merchants to tell customers to charge their purchases on bankcards instead of on American Express cards or, in some cases, to stop honoring Amex altogether.

Ci : ilerial Anywhere. No matter where you're calling to, or where you're calling from, there's only one calling card you need to charge your call. And all you need to remember is your phone number and a four-digit PIN code to use it. Which also makes it the simplest calling card around.

We're all connected. Avoid strenuous exercise for several weeks. You should be able to return to work in two weeks following most procedures. Swelling and discoloration is inevitable. Application of cold compresses for the first 48 hoins is advisable. Healing will progress rapidlv. It is recommended that you apply moisturizer to your face beginning the day after surgery, avoiding the suture areas. Make- up may be used within one week following surgery.

Please call me at James J. Reardon, M. Why should you go to an Italian restaurant? Make one call to find or list property - Rent, Sell, Buy, or Share.

We put you in touch with brokers, owners and landlords. Homes of every style, economical rent- als, coops, condos and lownhouses in ail the desir- able neighborhoods arc offered in all price ranges. Such a reversal of fortune would be some long-overdue good news for a com- pany that has seemed to endure far more blunders than triumphs during the past fifteen years.

You can find the stumbles all trenchantly chronicled by writer Rob- ert Teitelman in the February issue of In- slilulional Investor magazine, the bible of long-form journalism on Wall Street. Thus, when the concept of the financial supermarket became all the rage, American Express bought its way into the insurance, stock-brokerage, and investment-banking businesses. When investors got excited about the potential profits in "private banking" to "high-net- worth individuals," Ameri- can Express got excited, too.

The bailing wire that held the whole ar- rangement together: the so-called synergy concept, which asserts that companies in many different lines of business can some- how discover connections among the vari- ous enterprises and then exploit opportu- nities that wouldn't otherwise exist.

Unfortunately, synergy proved an illu- sion, and the problems began to develop. The headaches ranged from losses in the company's Shearson Lehman Brothers group, to trouble in the Optima revolving- charge-card division, to the company's bungled investment in Fireman's Fund in- surance corporation — all ventures far afield from the company's core businesses of traveler's checks and charge cards.

Soon Amex will be facing yet more bad ink — this time as a result of its smearing of Swiss banker-billionaire Edmond Safra a couple of years back. This peccadillo got much attention at the time, and now the story is about to be dredged up anew. Entitled Vendetta: American Express and the Smearing of Edmond Safra, the book is being given a blockbuster first printing of , copies, which guarantees wide attention.

Yet, who knows, considering how poor- ly Wall Street now regards American Ex- press's chairman, bad news for the boss might turn out to be good news for the stock. After all, if the catcalls get loud enough, American Express's chairman might actually be able to make a graceful exit.

But when you need it, where do you go? To advertise, call Publisher Richard Kinsler at Call Not true. If you had inquired of Hollywood's Powers That Be six weeks sooner, before the nominations came out, you would have found that it was a neck- and-neck race between the Western and GoodFellas. Sometime in those intervening days, a surge began, a trend was established — a shift in voters' perception.

Therefore, this year, I came up with one of the most genuinely dazzling no- tions in modern cinema history: I would track the trend. Ferret it out. And so, this year, my informants talked to me twice — once before the nomina- tions, again afterward — so that I might impart to you something no one had ever done before: the actual workings of the Hollywood mind. Well, my idea turned out to be a total wrap. I would put it only slightly west of the Edsel. And why? Come along.

They all have tremendous strengths and equally enormous forces ranged against them. Wonderful, skillful work. But does the Academy want to honor an in- sane killer who, after all, did not break ground for the Sistine Chapel? I don't think he invented Vegas. It was humming right along. What Siegel did do was put a hotel on the Strip. That we're gonna honor? Great, great technical achievement, but when did a film of this level of controversy win? A dazzling film about a nut who eats people?

Remember the age of the Academy. And when there are no leaders, listen to me: Strange things happen. The Prince of Tides could win, helped by a sympathy vote for Barbra's not get- ting a Director nomination. But a lot of people also thought it was a flawed pic- ture. The sleeper. Although some said it did wonderfully just being the first animated Film to get a Best Picture nomination, oth- ers hedged. Plus this: People like it. And in a crazy year like this one, that could be enough. And three out- side shots: Singleton, Scott, and Strei- sand.

And again today, no trend whatsoever. He's not one of us. He doesn't play the game. When he visits, it's like he's on a budget. Should win. It's be- cause he won't shut up. He's making like a political candidate, and we've got enough of them this year. Peo- ple didn't like it. I think it may even end up losing money. And I don't think it's go- ing to win Picture or Actor or most of the others.

I don't think this has ever happened before, Phologniphs; Icfl, Warner Bros. Catering to all your individual tastes. Only at Petak's. Sob — no trends. But she's the new Strccp — you can't go wrong vot- ing for her. Davis and Sarandon are going to split the vote. Laura Dern is young; not enough people saw the picture. And Midler only wins if you give an award for heartbreak. She was just crushed, and she didn't hide it. They like that out here.

People like her. And this year, that could matter. This was a rotten idea of yours. Don't you understand? You picked a year in which everyone is walking around just as con- fused as losing horscplayers.

There are no sudden ground swells. It's going to be a mystifying evening. If I were you, I'd can your article this year. At last — a trend. In the early tallies, two were far ahead: Noltc and Hopkins.

It works in his favor. She got that per- formance out of him, and then they screwed her. And it'll be great television, the speech he's go- ing to give thanking her. If it was a holiday flick, it might have been different.

What do you remember of what you saw on the screen? And people for a long time are going to remember Hop- kins, just like Tony Perkins in Psycho. Which, by the way, didn't win either.

Tony's luck just ran out. Tell your readers not to expect a sweep. Anything could win anything. This may be the first Oscar show in generations that we all watch. I'm kind of curious my- self. Lazartigue's Color Reflecting Hair Conditioner is entirely different from hair dye: Its gentle ingredients coot strands with a protective film that brightens the natural shade or creates a subtle new one.

Without lightening or permanently changing natural color, Color Reflecting Hair Conditioner delivers a brighter, shinier version of hair that grows healthier and silkier with each application. Color Reflecting Hair Conditioner is available from Lazartigue in ten different shades to match your base color. For a color boost that will bring shine and improved texture to your hair, brighten up with Color Reflecting Hair Conditioner.

Lazartigue locations, or send In by mail New York location only. As regional commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ehrenhalt announces and interprets New York's daunting unemployment figures.

While his face isn't familiar, his name has become a household word to local ncwsftaper readers and radio listeners during the recession. It's a way of apprehending reality in tough times. He's lived in Brooklyn for more than 50 years, since his family left Germany shortly before the Holocaust began.

His Indexes of manufacturing employment. United States and New York City. Those he leaves to his staff of 1 30, who help him issue 75 publications and respond to 1 00, inquiries each year. Ehrenhalt prefers communications: "My job is to tell people what the numbers say about the state of the world.

Economics has become much too important to be left to the economists. Regular people have to understand the economy, too. Statistics can quantify what's needed for a recovery, he says, but they leave out a crucial component. He wanted his son to be a scientist, but he chose accounting. He wanted his daughter to be an accountant, but she chose social work. Oh, and a few noses, too, most for application to stuffed toys. But Liguori remains optimistic. Brian Coats: bottom. Tria Giovan. But the audience isn't the usual leering suspects in business suits — most of the crowd is under 2 1 , and many of them are young girls.

Hanna, part of the punk band Bikini Kill, pauses between songs to send them an unlikely message: "Girls have to be superheroes for each other. CBGB used to sponsor a similar hard-core matinee but pulled the plug about a year and a half ago, leaving trend-happy teens with few places to go and see live music — legally, at least. In February, Waller Durkacz of Wetlands decided to revive the all-ages concept, but with a couple of twists designed to make sure it wouldn't devolve into a pressure cooker of adolescent testosterone, as it had at CBGB.

Instead of just hard- core punk rock. Wetlands' all- ages shows, every Sunday from 5 to 10 p. And with the help of the teen magazine Sassy. A Sassy senior writer, Christina Kelly, forwards suggestions for acts to the club, including bands that have been mentioned in the magazine.

On the first Sunday in March, a couple hundred kids have gathered to see local groups Mephiskapheles and Lo Meato and headliners the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, from Boston. The crowd does a sort of running two-step and sings along during the Mephiskapheles set of ska music, but Lo Meato plays in a much heavier, hard-core style. A couple of six-footers start dancing violently, clearing a twenty-foot ring of spectators.

One onlooker moans, "Oh, God, they'll never have another all -ages show. A few people head to the bar for the strongest beverage available: Snapple. But try getting in to Cora Duv. Barbara-O, Alva see an obscure, low-budget film with a virtually unknown cast and a black female director. Every weekend night, a big sign in the box- office window makes it clear: Both showings of Daughters of the Dust are sold out.

We sell out weekend performances, and during the week, we get busloads of church groups, high schools, and senior-citizen groups coming in for matinees. There's no sex. In fact, there's little or no plot in this story about the Gullah, a group of turn-of-the- century descendants of African slaves who are about to begin their exodus to the North. Director ulie Dash's first feature film is loosely woven from a series of beautiful seaside tableaux: Resplendent in spotless white Sea Island cotton, the strong, exotic Gullah women dance on the I sand, perch in trees festooned with Spanish moss, cook okra and crawfish, and try to reconcile their ancestral past with their uncertain future.

The dialogue, lilting and vague, is spoken in a dialect that adds its own distinct spice to the visual gumbo. At times, with its one Rogers representative Indian and its endlessly kaleidoscopic pairing of women, men, and children with elaborate hairstyles. Dust looks like a parody of a Benetton ad. But without any stars, weapons, or special effects okay, some slow motion , the film packs a powerful emotional punch. The clumps of women leaving the theater look like modern urban sisters of the women onscreen, and the film's reputation has spread by word of mouth.

I'm a different person now from seeing this movie. It's a rejuvenation, a catharsis. Phoebe Hoban I'hologniph lop. In the evening, the trucks wait on the other side of the tracks with starched collars and pressed skirts. Former commuter McDonald started the company in for two reasons: He disliked his Manhattan bank job, and he never got home to Peckskiil in time to go to the cleaners.

So he researched the dry- cleaning business, Metro North approved his bid, and on his first morning in Greenwich, he had four customers. I I McDonald, who now spends his time at the Port Chester plant, has had offers to buy his business, but he's not selling.

In fact, he's expanding, although at the moment he doesn't want lu name the stations and tip off imitators. No, just a day at the office for Commuter Cleaners, McDonald's mobile laundry service.

Every weekday morning. But hope just might be on the way in the shape of a baritone from the Black Sea — a man part Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, and Gypsy — named Vladimir Chernov. On the international circuit scarcely three years, Chernov, 36, seems on the brink of a great career. He has the kind of big voice not heard since Milnes 's best days, with a wide range of color and a fearless attack that almost dares a conductor to drown him out.

Chernov also is capable of restrained mezza voce and piano work, always a sign of an artist. Certainly Metropolitan Opera artistic director ames Levine seems impressed.

And, while Chernov refuses to say, the word on the opera grapevine is that he will soon star in new Met productions of Stiffelio, Simon Boccanegra. Switching easily from Russian to Italian to English, Chernov says all the work is a big improvement from his days with the Kirov Opera in St.

I rarely got to sing, because the system dictated the older singers got priority. I got paid, of course, but I didn't get to sing much more than six performances in a year. Listen, I have to tell you about it; you know, I really believe wife, Olga, and their seven- year-old son, Volodya. As for the crown of all Verdi baritone parts, Chernov will sing his first Rigoletto in Brussels in I don't believe in nightmares either. I date nightmares, but I don't believe in them. Illuslralion by.

Sexl Sizziel And loo hot to handle? Yves Montond is one oi the drifters who, lor a couple thousand bucks, risk driving a truck filled with nitroglycerin over miles of the roughest terrain in South America. In this biography by the author of Debutante: The Story of lirenda Frazier, she emerges as an engaging, fully realized character.

Ann's Church Montague Street on March 24 in a benefit concert. For tickets, time, ond other info, coll Bektta: The Mef s new production stars Hildegard Behrens and Leonie Rysanek, who has, at some point, sung all three female roles during her never- ending career.

First, it was Chrysothemis, then Elektra on film, and now she's the old harridan Klytdmnestra. Luckily for all of us, she keeps on singing. On March At Bergdorf Goodman. I'm wiU about great bread, I am, too. And so ore fans of Pork Avenue Cafe, where chef David Burke does great crusty sourdough rye studded with potato, smoked red-pepper breod, spicy corn sticks, and seasoned Parker House rolls. One day soon, the breads will be lor sale. Starting Mordi 29, the cofe will open Sunday for both brunch and dinner.

At Madison Square Garden on March Cezanne's influence is unmistakable in many of the landscapes. At Fifth Avenue, near 57th Street; through April He moved restlessly from restaurant to restaurant to bowling alley in Manchester, shaking hands, answering questions, hungry for human contact, desperate to prove himself worthy to voters.

At one point, he stopped at a table of high-school teachers and, when asked, delivered an illuminating, fifteen- minute discourse on the vagaries of preschool education. They turned out to be Tsongas voters.

There was no indication from his campaign that he knew so much. But he seemed pretty down-to-earth. He had answers on a lot of things. I guess we have to let go of the old ways, start thinking about change. The televised impression, as often as not, is that he is just another political slickster, an impression reinforced by Clinton's glibness and unquenching need to please. And there is, of course, the matter of personal trustworthiness: More than a few voters who say he reminds them of "Kennedy" are talking about Ted, not lack or Bobby.

In a cynical nation, sick of blather and condescension. Bill Clinton may epitomize a form of charisma that has become anachronistic. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Skip to main content. Listen Now. Go Unlimited Start your day free trial. Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. Buy new:. Free day shipping within the U. Prices may vary for AK and HI. Only 1 left in stock more on the way. Add to Cart. Secure transaction. Your transaction is secure. We work hard to protect your security and privacy.

Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Learn more. Ships from and sold by Amazon. Serenade has been added to your Cart. Add gift options. Buy used:. Used: Very Good Details. Sold by Decluttr Store. Condition: Used: Very Good.

Our friendly multilingual customer service team will be happy to resolve your queries. And Langdon has been given high marks by some on the staff for preserving and protecting the museum's scientific functions. I guess they crumpled something up. Around that time, he's said, he found himself able "to purchase expensive drugs that I could not previously afford. I can't see myself voting for him again. I'm kind of curious my- self. He is easily waylaid by voters a quality his staff finds frustrating, since Album) usually puts him Turtle Creek Chorale - Serenade (CD scheduleoften stopping for ten or fifteen minutes From Bratislava To New York - Stoka - Stoka (CD, Album) the way in or out of a hall to answer a single question, Turtle Creek Chorale - Serenade (CD. Whether played by a small ensemble or sung by a large chorus, a serenade is simply beautiful, reflective music.
Cosmic Sea - Lowpaz - Another Life (File, Album), Outlaw - Ronnie Murray - Outlaw (Vinyl), Drift - Dream The Electric Sleep - Beneath The Dark Wide Sky (CD), Starry Eyes - The Clovers (2) - The Clovers (CD), Embryon - Voilà!* - Oдeca (CD, Album)

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  2. REFERENCE RECORDINGS CD RR Turtle Creek Chorale - Serenade, USA SEALED - $ ****Welcome to our listing, thanks very much for looking! ****See our own website! We have lots of out of print LPs and CDs! Find us on the web at - bapccizorasiquatycmyaquicunniter.infoinfo ****Shipping cost is only an estimate - it depends on the actual weight and size of the package as well as the service required.
  3. Simplified EKG Analysis - A Sequential Guide to Interpretation and Diagnosis, C.B. Seelig Essays in Persuasion, v. 9, John Maynard Keynes X Florida Regional Common EMS Protoco, Hohl Earth Science - Chapter 23, (ISU Only), Edward J. Tarbuck.
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Serenade on Discogs. Label: Reference Recordings - RR • Format: CD HDCD, Album • Country: US • Genre: Classical • Timothy Seelig, Turtle Creek Chorale - Serenade (, CD) | Discogs5/5(1).
  5. Software Sites Tucows Software Library Shareware CD-ROMs Software Capsules Compilation CD-ROM Images ZX Spectrum DOOM Level CD. Featured image All images latest This Just In Flickr Commons Occupy Wall Street Flickr Cover Art USGS Maps. Metropolitan Museum. Top NASA Images Solar System Collection Ames Research Center.
  6. Retrouvez toutes les discothèque Marseille et se retrouver dans les plus grandes soirées en discothèque à Marseille. Ne ratez pas les nouveaux rendez-vous du live le mercredi. à partir de 19h les apéros party avec tapas et sushis. 93 prom Georges Pompidou MARSEILLE.
  7. Psalms: The Turtle Creek Chorale by BERNSTEIN Audio CD $ Only 2 left in stock (more on the way). Timothy Seelig. out of 5 stars 7. $ Next. 4/4(3).
  8. Serenade 7. Laska Opravdiva 8. Psyche: 9. Evening Serenade Dona Nobis Pacem Lux Aurumque Creator Of The Universe O Magnum Mysterium In My Fantasy How Sweet The Moonlight When I Have Sung My Songs For You.

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