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One thing is for sure - all labels need our support for them to continue to prosper, improve and offer an outlet for our favourite artists to continue to record our favourite music. Don't think I mean blind enthusiasm - there will be some releases that are not up to the standard of others.

But whether it's pure AOR, melodic rock, hard rock, progressive or metal - support your favourite artists! One of my favorite things to do over the last few years has been to predict what the year ahead holds.

I'll do it again a little bit further down the page, but right now I guess it's time to see just how close I got it with my predictions from last year's awards page. My first prediction was that it would be an even more colorful year than was. Well, it was better musically, but scandals were way down. Disappointingly so! Yngwie's only negative publicity came from a lame 12 year old tape recording and UFO didn't even attempt a tour. Axl Rose really was the only major twat of the year, so let's hope there are a few more scandals in the coming 12 months.

First were my hot tips for albums to watch for in A few hits and a couple of misses. Mecca, Mike Tramp and Harem Scarem all nailed it, with albums that would make any best of list in any year. Heartland also released their best effort yet, with a great production featured. Now, if they add the anthem style choruses of a Journey album, there would be no stopping them. I also mentioned Baron as one to watch.

They delivered a good album, but it hasn't lived up to it's promise over the 12 months and in hindsight, could have been more consistent. Magnum's comeback album was for me, also disappointing. Below average songs and a really programmed feel to it. High hopes for the next one. I know some will disagree with that assessment though.

What about the other predicted highlights? Now, of these albums, Def Leppard and Westworld really pleased me. Tony Harnell proved he still has a monster voice, with the band's most commercial and fabulous album yet. Adriangale was well received, but I still think it could have been beefier. The Goo Goo Dolls showed they still write some of the finest nu-breed out there, but for the love of God, kill the vocals from Robby. Albums that received a mixed response: Rush some love it, some hate it I think it's cool, but it could have been even better , Dokken I like it, but they didn't use Norum to their advantage and Bon Jovi better than Crush, but relatively boring in the end.

Bombs: Boston's 8 year trek to release new material failed to inspire most. It feature some killer songs, but just isn't a very cohesive album. Sales flop. Toto's covers album was met with similar mixed responses. Dogface forgot to write any choruses, so their much anticipated follow up didn't go too well.

The biggest disappointments from the predictions: Boston, Toto and Dogface. I predicted Harem Scarem would spark debate with their new release and sure enough it did - combining the best elements of their classic sound and those closer to their recent Rubber work.

For me, releases like these are what bridges the gap between fans of the old and the new. It will be interesting to hear what the next album will bring. Three possible classics, three strikes! Now, I copped some flack for predicting that Tesla wouldn't get their new studio album out in Sure enough, it didn't happen, so those that mailed can e-mail apologies now! Who else did I say won't make records in ?

What else transpired? Westworld released a classic album that saw them get some major press coverage, including praise in the widely circulated LA Weekly , but they remain an independent artist in the US - but so is Journey now, so who cares? As long as we support the artists, the music will continue. Be nice though if mainstream media gave a little more credit where due. Strange stuff indeed. It was from all accounts a great tour, but the B.

So to was Roth's refusal to jam with Sammy for the encore each night. That would have been something to see. Michael Anthony joined Sammy on stage and also talked up new of a VH release, but alas, nothing ever eventuated. In fact the Van Halen fiasco sunk further into a farce, with the band left without any support staff or a record label and remain without a singer.

What was hardest to swallow was the complete lack of any kind of statement or update from the VH camp. Sure, Eddie told us he was healthy again in a 2 line statement, but otherwise the dwindling legion of VH fans me included were left sucking our thumbs.

For each month that passes there are less people that care Hagar released a new album - which, even though it was rough as guts, was pretty good again. I hear that he's pretty upset with the lack of label support for it and it not willing to record anything else unless a good deal is in place prior. Can't blame Sammy for think that, but he has just joined the ranks of most other classic rock artists out there.

Yngwie made the headlines again - this time for going nuts at a woman some 15 years ago. How sad that something like that should surface now.

His new studio was pretty good though, making up for last year's release. Too late for Spitfire though, who after re-releasing all his back catalogue last year, weren't interested in the new album.

Def Leppard released their new album X, which came as a pleasant surprise to me and won some favorable reviews. But alas, the record label could give two shits and the album has sunk without much fanfare. The guys played a few US dates, but with little push behind them, it wasn't surprising to see the album slip from the charts.

But, I'm ever hopeful, it's a classic and rather commercial album, so there isn't any reason why it can't be a sleeper, just like Hysteria was. Of course, some fans accused the guys of selling out and going soft.

Cried of selling out to outside influences also — but check the album credits people — there are only 2 songs on the whole album written outside the band. Those dissing the album for being too soft are missing some classic melodic rock songs. Bon Jovi released their new album — again preaching their worth as a hard rock band and talking up the album. But on arrival it's chock full of ballads again. A major let down…but at least it was better than Crush.

Whitesnake are back together - well Coverdale's band are at least - with an all new line-up, aside from drummer Tommy Aldridge. Should be good to hear, although I can't help but be disappointed that John Sykes and Coverdale couldn't reach terms on a new union. Guns N Roses made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. With only half a tour completed, that being with an out of shape singer who was the only original band member means that there is a lot of work to be done to make the band's next album a success.

Jorn Lande confused everyone by leaving-joining-leaving Millenium , also dropped his own solo band, left Ark and joined Masterplan. Could get any more complex? Another with a string of bad press behind him was Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil. He stumbled blindly through , abusing a crowd of his own fans, punching one guy out and apparently even his girlfriend most recently. Sebastian Bach made a dick of himself on UK TV and threw a friend of mine out of his tour bus, threatening him with his life after he pulled out a promo of the new Skid Row single.

Kiss are still going Paul Stanley made the most bizarre claim of the year, giving in principle support to a Kiss line up without any original members! Sony Music sent out copies of the new Pearl Jam album glued into Discman's, but I still got a copy off the net!

The result of that will be heard shortly, with the release of their new album. MTM Music released a press release urging people to buy, not copy. It seems CDR copying is really heavily eating into all label profits. Fair call - personally, if I like an album, I want everything, original art, original CD etc. However, the answer does not lie with CD copy protection.

I can't sit at this PC and listen to it, or write a review, as the CD-Row won't recognize the disc and I can't format any MP3 soundbytes for you all to sample. People won't buy unless they can sample, so who's the winner here?

A few melodic rockers went nu-ish, with Eric Martin's album a rocking surprise and Alfonzetti's new album quite modern. Eric was well received, but Alfonzetti seems to have failed to excite. Shame - I think he's a cleaver writer and the album does contain some great tunes. Honeymoon Suite's is it too - and again I think there were some great tunes there, but the fact the album is now available in 3 formats and two titles could have confused the public.

Just one version next time please Sad thing is - not all of them worked commercially. That's too bad - again, more great music going begging. Firstly and regrettably Big and Gold Circle Records. Due in Award: Van Halen - But will they get it together by then?

Makes that Japanese retail price a little less ugly! Both artists are perfectionists and both continue to work on their new albums!

Whenever your ready guys! That'll help the re-union! Vocalist Of The Year: Jeff Scott Soto for his amazing work on Humanimal, his own solo album, a new live Talisman album and an awesome live performance at the Gods Plus more to come in !

The 'Japanese Label' one last cash-in award:. Castle Music for still producing those Magnum Best Of's. Of those nominated last year - Dream Theater and Styx did, Mr. Big did a DVD instead and Kiss took a year off - but only because the label and band couldn't agree. Oh boy, where do I start! This year's Dickhead Of The Year Award was decided months ago and remained several miles ahead of his nearest competitor. He is without question the single most hated person within the AOR trading network, ripping off countless people over a number of years.

From time to time he pops his head up looking for fresh prey, but most folk know him all too well these days. He was banned again from both my message boards, but after an admin error allowed him back in, he proceeded to post messages at a time on a daily basis for several weeks.

He also hit the Noticeboard, but has been successfully eradicated from that board. He caused the Trading Board to crash, which in turn, lead to it being replaced, so I guess some good came out of it! But being banned from both boards wasn't enough I had to get e-mail filters installed with my ISP to bounce all his messages back to him. But that wasn't enough either So, here are a few examples of his classy e-mails to me and to the various message boards.

Keep in mind that each message was sent around times and several more were deleted before I started saving the odd few for this award! A true dickhead if ever there was one! Friend, I hate to say this, but your site is much better and nicer than my horrible Melodic Rock page!!! Andrew P. Viva Brazil!! Education is always good and I like too!!! You is a stupid person?!! Thank you!!! Click the link below, or copy and paste it into your web browser, to experience the mysterious and thrilling world of "Signs"!

Andrew McNeice, Reginaldo Rod. Follow this news link to find out what it is.. I love you Andrew J. Hi dear dude Andrew J. Thanks a lot for the warning too.

Your brazilian baby Already there are indications that it could be as good as for variety and quality and possibly even better. AOR fans have some hot new albums to look forward to. And don't rule out Jim Peterik's project in progress, which sounds like it will be right up there.

Mike Tramp is even more enthusiastic about this new album then the last. It's being mixed in Berlin right now, so I hope to have a copy by the end of the month at the latest! So what else do melodic rock and AOR fans have to look forward to?

And I couldn't go any further without predicting Rick Springfield's new album will be an absolute classic. Rick describes the new demos as ".. Nu-breed fans have their own range of hit titles to look forward to. Atenzia Records are embracing this format without forgetting classic melodic rock, which I think is a great thing to do - not to mention an intelligent balanced approach. They have 40ft Ringo to kick things off - a great album - but I hope the widespread circulation of the band's great demo's will not hurt sales of the finished product.

Add new comers Sweet Water and Melodine - no word on these guys yet, but they sound promising. Watch these releases! And don't forget Paul Laine's new band - from the demo's I heard over the phone! Atenzia are also behind the new Mars Electric album.

The three demos I heard were instantly catchy and even more pop than Rubber. There will be another Harem Scarem album recorded soon - the guys bound to differ things again a little - that should be out late and a major highlight! The band's drummer Creighton Doane has his own solo album planned - another power pop styled release, which should be another worthy highlight. Other nu-breed to watch for - Everclear, Avril Lavigne late Coming out of Australia will be Red Circle , a band that you will be hearing more of in the future and hopefully Square One - another bright hope - will complete their debut album.

Just to the side of AOR and nu-breed, are the pure pop releases. And there are a couple of them due in None bigger than a new Nelson album, which better get released! How about Duran Duran's reformed comeback album? Or Fleetwood Mac? For those that like it hard and heavy, has more for you also. So you've read through the Summary and seen what became of my predictions from last year - what's going to happen in ?

No this is not news - it's just some crystal ball gazing No new VH in Urban Tale already qualifies. Unruly Child already qualifies. Heartland 3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label? Some of them have not been announced yet so I won t make any name. For myself Hardline was a special one as we have worked so hard on this and the result has been very positive. Other personal favourites include Mecca and Jeff Scott Soto.

Journey has been a dream come true and I hope to do more for them in the future! We hope all the work and inputs we have made on this one will be really well received. We have about 4 or 5 new amazing signings to shoot, but this will be revealed very soon after the Christmas holidays. One nice exclusive I can give you is the signing of the brand new Glen Hughes album to be released in June on Frontiers Records.

Glen promised to deliver a kick-ass melodic hard rock album so we are all hopeful he can be out big ace this year. All details to be announced soon! I also wish to mention a few other upcoming great releases such as the newcomers On The Rise, Talisman, Zion and Khymera I hope our releases made everyone rock during and be sure we'll give you a lot of good times in the coming year as well!!!!

I guess Mario already answered this one! They will continue to grow and should be given a chance by more people. Others worthy of note were Venice, Meniketti, Shy and Highway 9. Oh and Audiovent was good, but not as good as Harem Scarem The same can be said of the Hodson album which will be one of the big surprises of along with the brilliant debut album from Spanish sensations Nexx.

Their "Colours" album is a joy to behold from start to finish and truly lives up to the potential shown to everyone who has seen them perform live. The album is really coming to life now and it will definitely surprise quite a few people.

The songs are as catchy as ever but this time the sonic quality will match the material. We also aim to release several albums featuring Ralph Santolla in the coming year. Towards the Autumn of the year there will be a new Harem Scarem album, which we plan to take the band up a notch with.

Some other new artists to watch out for in are Hysteria some of you will have seen them at The Gods and been impressed with their amazing musicianship and quality songwriting and Livesay who are a great band from the U.

These guys will make a big splash this coming year. It was obviously lovingly put together with great performances and a love of the music at heart. Probably the best tribute album so far. Epic rock!! I think it would be unfair to answer this question as I believe in all of our acts hence why I signed them ;o 3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label? We will just leave it with that!

The response on the two MP3s that you made available to your site visitors has been overwhelming. We wanted to end the year with it, but due to the manufacturing delays we will kick of the NEW year with this great release instead of ending the past one with it. As well as a few others we arent ready to announce just yet. You can also expect some NEW things from Adriangale in the new year as well. Do You Really Love Me Please Don't Leave Me Knock-Kneed Nana.

Orange-Colored Sky 2. Hong Kong 3. Temptation 4. I Put a Spell On You 6. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 7. Yellow Coat 8. Ol' Man River 9. Person To Person Darling Please Forgive Me Little Demon [Alternate Take] Alligator Wine [Alternate Take]. You Made Me Love You 2. There's Something Wrong With You 6. Yellow Coat 7. Live Limited Ed. Red Vinyl Vinyl LP. Lie, Beg, Borrow and Steal 9.

Swamp Gas 2. Voodoo Priestess 3. I Am The Cool 4. Whistling Past The Graveyard 5. Heart Attack And Vine 6. Late Night Hawkins 7.

Ignant And Shit 9. Strokin' Sherilyn Fenn. Portrait of a Man 3. Little Bitty Pretty One 4. Don't Deceive Me 5. Ashes 6. It's Only Make Believe 7. Please Don't Leave Me 8. I Don't Know 9. What Good Is It? Same Damn Thing. Save for Later. Rock Around The Clock 2.

Roll Over Beethoven 3. At The Hop 4. Be-Bop-A-Lula 5. Great Balls Of Fire 6. Stagger Lee 7. La Bamba 8. Shout 9. Money That's What I Want Singing The Blues Tequila Sh-Boom Susie Q Summertime Blues Good Golly Miss Molly Yakety Yak Blueberry Hill Spoonful Wonderful World Venus I'm A Man Runaround Sue 2.

Jailhouse Rock 3. What'd I Say 4. Blue Suede Shoes 5. Party Doll 6. Mr Sandman 7. Stand By Me 8. Chantilly Lace Rockin' Robin Sea Cruise There's A Moon Out Tonight Dust My Broom Love Letters In The Sand The Great Pretender That'll Be The Day Oh What A Night Peggy Sue Running Bear Please, Please, Please Rubber Biscuit Jim Dandy Tracks of Disc 3 1.

Teen Angel 2. Love Potion Number 9 3. I'm Sorry 4. The Twist 5. Reet Petite 6. Blue Moon 7. Only The Lonely 8. Tell Laura I Love Her 9. Travelin' Man Quarter To Three Lipstick On Your Collar Carol Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Sixteen Candles Splish Splash Runaway Bye Bye Love Do You Wanna Dance Rebel Rouser Come Go With Me Hangover 2.

Dust My Blues 3. Need Your Love So Bad 4. Ain't That Loving You Baby 5. I Hear You Knocking 6. Mannish Boy 7. Smokestack Lightnin' 8. My Babe 9. Keep It To Yourself Corrinne, Corrina Forty Days And Forty Nights I Can't Quit You Baby From The Bottom Walking The Blues Forty Four Don't Start Me Talkin' Who It's My Life Tracks of Disc 2 1. Just Make Love to Me 2. You're So Fine 4. Poison Ivy 5. Make My Dreams Come True 6.

Reconsider Baby 7. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man 8. You Don't Have To Go 9. Play a Little While Pouring Down Rain Kissing In The Dark Sloppy Drunk Blues I Want To Be Loved Story of My Life Last Night I'm Ready Wanderin' Heart Rockin' Daddy I'm Mad Shake Baby Shake Tracks of Disc 3 1.

Honey Hush 3. You're A Fool 4. Daddy Rollin' Stone 5. The Come Back 6. Party Girl 7. Hole In The Wall 8. Moanin' At Midnight 9. Hide Away Truckin' Little Woman Straighten Up Baby I'm Tore Down Rock Me How Long How Many More Years Livin' With The Blues By The Water San-Ho-Zay Tracks of Disc 4 1. Ain't Nobody's Business 2. That's All Right Mama 3.

Sit and Cry 4. Rollin' Stone 5. You Sure Can't Do 6. Rollin' And Tumblin' 7. When the Lights Go Out 8. The Sky Is Crying 9. Travelin' to California Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Turn On Your Lovelight I Could Cry I Got My Mojo Working Dyna Flow Take You Blind is a departure from Alligator , but the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Without the electric benefits, these acoustic versions with guitar, Dobro, bass, drums and more bristle with sizzling energy in their deft hands. The songs are equally soulful and bluesy, ripping and melancholy, with moments of shear brilliance on songs Dying for Your Love, Baby Baby, Mine, and The Flames are Warm.

Natural Blues, Vol. One More Mile. James Cotton. Play Me The Blues. Segun Bucknor. Raw Blues, Vol. Rendezvous With the Blues. Melvin Taylor. Right Kind of Life. Roots of Clapton. Saved by the Blues. Shoe Suede Blues. Peter Wolf. Snooky Pryor. Soho: Live at Ronnie Scott's.

Taken Alive. The Midnight Creeper. The Anthology. Alvin Lee. The Anthology [Hip-O]. The Birth of the Blues [Soho]. The Blues: Chicago The Dawn of Doo-Wop. The Essentials. The Stardust Collection. Universal Masters Collection. Yardbirds Story: A Tribute to Paul Butterfield. Robben Ford. All About the Blues.

American Roots Music [Box Set]. Performer, Composer, Primary Artist. Basic Blues, Vol. Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey. Blowin' the Blues [Universal Special Products]. Blues with a Feeling [St. Boogie in the Park. Joe Hill Louis. Collector's Edition. Complete Natural Blues. Performer, Primary Artist. Deep Detroit. Harmonica Shah. Devil's Blues []. Essential Blues Masters. Essential Blues [Direct Source]. Eyesight to the Blind. Harley Davidson Southern Road Songs.

Harp and Soul. His Best [Chess]. In Crowd: the Ultimate Mod Collection Indigo Blues Collection, Vol. It Was a Very Good Year. Lightnin' Slim [Dressed to Kill]. Live at the Fillmore East Living the Blues [Time-Life ]. Lone Star Shootout. The Primitives. Memphis Blood: The Sun Sessions. James Blood Ulmer. Muddy Waters [Dressed to Kill].

Muddy's Blues [Delta]. National Geographic: Destination Chicago. No Saints Walkin'. Bobby Bradford. Paul Lamb and the King Snakes. Pure Blues. Red Hot Blues. Rhythm Room Blues. Shook Up. Bennie Smith. Southern Country Blues, Vol. Take Cover. Andrew Freeman. The Alligator Records 30th Anniversary Collection. The Anthology: The Best of British Blues, Vol. The Best of Harmonica Blues. The Blues [Recording Arts]. The Chicago Years: Blues.

The Essential [Classic Blues]. The Golden Road Grateful Dead. The King of Blues 'N' Soul. Solomon Burke. The Legends Collection. Jimmy Page. The Legends Collection: Blues. The Road Goes on Forever. The Roots of the Grateful Dead [Catfish]. The Moody Blues. Where We Been. Bad Influence. Rod Stewart. Billy Stewart. Almost Famous. American Blues, Vol. American Pop: An Audio History. Best of the Yardbirds Years. Big Joe Williams and Friends. Guest Artist. Bloomfield Blues.

Blues Across America: Los Angeles. Blues Collection, Vol. Blues, Cars and Electric Guitars. Jim Mesi. Bring Another Half Pint.

Buddy Guy and Junior Wells [Castle]. Chess Masters. Chicago in Mind. Delta Crossroads. Dick's Picks, Vol. Division Street. Devil in a Woodpile. Do Your Thing! E-Collection Series. Ed Motta. Give Me No Lip Child.

Going Down South. Good Blues Tonight: 25 Epic Tracks. Greatest Hits [Dressed to Kill]. Greensleeves Rhythm Album 4: Volume. Greenville Smokin'. Willie Love. Hard Night's Day. Hip Young Guitar Slinger. Hot Burritos! The Flying Burrito Brothers Anthology The Flying Burrito Brothers. I Ain't Beggin' Nobody. Primary Artist, Performer, Composer. Impromptu Blue. John "Broadway" Tucker. Jimmy Page Collection [2-CD]. Jimmy Page Collection, Vol. Live at the Venue. Billy Boy Arnold. Makin' Love Is Good for You.

Millennium Blues. Mo' Na'Kins, Please! James Harman. Most Famous Hits: The Album. Natural Blues [Wrasse]. New Millennium Blues Party. New York Tapes: Nothing But the Blues [Import]. Rod Price. Prowling Nighthawk. Robert Lee McCoy. Road Trip Blues. Rooster Blues Records: Sampler.

Shake the Boogie [Blue Boar]. Shepherd of the City Blues. Mitch Greenhill. Smokin' Blues. Stop Breaking Down. That Would Be Fine. Kristi Johnston. The Best of the 60's. The Best of the Kent Singles The Sir Douglas Quintet.

The Blues Roots of Fleetwood Mac. The Blues Roots of Led Zeppelin. Arranger, Composer. The De Luxe Blues Band. The Return of a Legend. Elliott Chavers. The Roots of John Lee Hooker. The Roots of Taj Mahal. Performer, Composer. Leo Sayer. Charlie Musselwhite. When a Man Loves a Woman [Laserlight 1]. Windy City Blues. Guest Artist, Composer. A Night at the Marquee. Fleetwood Mac. American Blues Legend.

American People. Baby Please Don't Go. Baby's Got the Blues. Blues Ballads: Chicago. Blues Burglars Whoopin'. Blues Complete. Blues Power. Blues Years. Blues from the Heart. Classic Blues: Universal Masters Collection. Deep Harmonica Blues. Don't Start Me to Talkin'. Alex "Spiderman" White. East Coast Blues Fest Easyriders, Vol. Essential Blues Greats. Essential Blues, Vol. Vocals, Performer, Composer, Primary Artist. You Make My Night shows that some of the best examples of the traditional Mississippi blues can be found in New Orleans these days.

Dozens of I. Forrest McDonald has been hooked on the blues since the age of seven, when he first heard Josh White perform. McDonald wrote all of the originals, putting a fresh and distinctive spin on familiar blues topics. His guitar work is peerless skilled, versatile, and never more than it needs to be. For newcomers, it serves as a perfect introduction to one of the strongest blues rock bands currently practicing.

For sure, the 13 tracks featured on Blue Flame are all keepers. That being said, I think that the reason I prefer Blue Flame to its predecessor is a logical one to these ears.

Like their previous collaboration, Fish and Dickinson not only play the blues but also venture into roots and Americana on occasion. She has definitely arrived at the pinnacle. Their own tunes hold up well with their classic cover material. To these ears, this band is one that deserves to heard by a much wider audience, and this new release is solid evidence of that. In late , she released her debut recording, Burn Me Alive VizzTone , a powerful set of rocking blues with a touch of soul.

Burn Me Alive is an excellent debut release for Heather Newman, who blues fans should be hearing much more from in the near future, thanks to her powerful and versatile vocals and her impressive songwriting skills. Little G. Featuring a rap from Dulzura, Weevil and the backing singers handle the choruses and the band keeps a steady, and funky rhythm going.

Based on the power and quality of this disc, it should be a smooth transition. The Memphis band FreeWorld recently celebrated their 30th anniversary in , and also released their seventh album, What It Is SwirlDisc , a sparkling song set with ten original tunes.

What It Is is a marvelous musical journey that will satisfy all comers. The new disc features ten songs, nine originals and one cover, and their musical style encompasses blues, rock, soul, Americana, and a bit of gospel flavor thrown in. Granite, Benck, and the rhythm section have a interesting and compelling sound.

Their latest release should be must-listening for blues fans.

You all have been a great help and we hope for a continued relationship for the future in this tough business, that Manatark - Viimanegi Veri (CD) see the MP3's giving the sales a hard time!! Album) Allison. Time will tell on Everything I Own - Various - Keep It Locked: This Is The Big One (Cassette) one. I'll get to all the music for and shortly. Move the Body Over. Chuck Hedges. Street Trash. House Party at Big Jon's.
Afflitto (Original), Fabians Gloss - The Nag! - The Nag! (Vinyl, LP), Passado Recente (Jarrier Modrow Nu Groove Mix), 10 C. C.* - The Wall Street Shuffle (Vinyl)

9 thoughts on “Turn It Up - Black Bone Child - Alligator (CD, Album)

  1. 7. Shemekia Copeland - Turn The Heat Up (Alligator) 8. Robert Cray - Some Rainy Morning (Mercury) 9. Jimmy Dawkins - Kant Shek Dees Bluze (Earwig) Larry Garner - Double Dues (JSP) Corey Harris - Greens From The Garden (Alligator) Alvin Youngblood Hart - Big Mama’s Door (Okeh) Michael Hill - Bloodlines (Alligator)
  2. Black Bone Child has a singular ability to marry rugged catchy lyrics with amounts of grit and groove in their arrangements. Be Your Man, You Oughta Know, Turn It Up, and Devil's Teeth are a short list of rocking BBC numbers on Alligator. Take You Blind is a departure from Alligator, but the apple does not.
  3. Bernadette Seacrest and Her Provocateurs’ most recent release is The Filthy South Sessions. The songs are written by her guitarist Charles Williams. Williams shows an innate ability to turn a phrase that Seacrest can then emote in ways that stir the soul: The world is just one big Game of Craps Everyone’s bluffing, ain’t got no cash.
  4. Over an hour of music tracks from Shemekia's four Alligator releases. These are the songs that won her acclaim as the premier female blues and R&B singer of her generation. From hard blues to intense soul ballads to riproaring rockers, this is the powerful, soulful voice that has led her to headline blues fesetival and clubs the world over.
  5. Up And In: Bob Margolin: Fire It Up: Tinsley Ellis: Swinging From The Rafters: Long John Hunter: Good Luck Man Blues Music Award Winner: Carey Bell: Hound Dog Taylor A Tribute: Hound Dog Taylor: Live & Uppity: Saffire--The Uppity Blues Women: Turn The Heat Up: Shemekia Copeland: New York State Of Blues: Michael Hill's Blues Mob: The Skin.
  6. The name Joyann Parker was a new one to me when her newest CD, Hard To Love (Hopeless Romantics Records) arrived in my mailbox. The quality of music on this disc sent me scurrying to Ms. Parker's website to find out where she's from (the Twin Cities) and whether she's recorded before (yes, she has a previous CD called On The Rocks).
  7. After Garcia took possession of the guitar it underwent a series of changes, both cosmetic and internal. Grateful Dead colleagues and personal sound masters at Alembic, the company responsible for many modifications to the Dead’s gear (Phil Lesh’s Mission Control Bass) referred to ‘Alligator’ as a ‘Frankenstein guitar' due to its numerous mods, scars and bapccizorasiquatycmyaquicunniter.infoinfo clandestine.
  8. Lost Motown Album CD music "After all we are a band and the best thing bands do are play. Black Bone Child To Release Two CDs Simultaneously Austin's most talked about music duo Black Bone Child, whose debut album from last year garnered rave reviews worldwide from fans and critics alike, are back with not one but two new CDs scheduled for release on March 9th.
  9. Alligator Records is an American, Chicago-based independent blues record label founded by Bruce Iglauer in [1] [2] Iglauer was also one of the founders of the .

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